Monday, July 6, 2015

Kade’s 3rd Week

Hi Kade! You turned 3 weeks old on Sunday, July 5th. This is all about your sweet third week.
Weight: We went back to see Dr. Carey on Wednesday, July 1st. I had a feeling Baby Kade put on some weight after his growth spurt, but I wasn’t quite expecting as big of a jump as he made. Little hoss baby weighed in (before his feeding) at 8 lbs and 13 oz! Whatttt?!? That is a whole pound and 6 oz over his birth weight at 2 weeks & 3 days old. That means he made some gains on the growth chart too. Head was still at 40%, but weight went from 24% to 4% and height went from 54% to %.
Health: Soft spots are closing up, rash looks better, we are going to continue to watch out for his hips (since Jase had issues), and heart and lungs sound good. Circumcision & bely button has healed. Eyes, ears, mouth, and nose all look good. He can grip his paci and pull it out, and has also rolled over 2-3 times now. Kade is strong like his brother & daddy!!
Sleep: Well that growth spurt threw us off, and shew wee, it is whoopin my tail! Now he’s waking up 1-2 times between 12-7. One time it’s just for a few minutes though, so it’s not too bad. I really need to go to bed earlier and take naps when him and his brother nap. He does sleep really well for naps though. I have a feeling he’s going to be a tummy sleeper (like me and his Jase) when he’s big enough. Still using a Swaddle. (We like Summer Infant SwaddleMe and Woombie .) Of course he sleeps best when being held, & I know that closeness and skin to skin is especially important in the early months, so I have no problem holding him as much as possible for now.
Nursing: Going great! I can finally feel my letdown. He is eating every 2.5/3-4 hours…just depends on if I can get in a full feeding or not.
What Kade is up to: Well, obviously he is growing like a weed!
He started getting the hiccups some so I have gripe water because I know it has to be annoying. I’ve only given it to him a few times, but it seems to help.
We went for round #2 of newborn pictures. It still took us a while because he did NOT want to sleep, but Brittany (AKA the baby whisperer) was fantastic and caught some sweet ones.
He may have made her work for it, but it was all worth it to get sweet pictures like this one. Check out my little blondie! We can’t wait to see the rest!
He gets little boogies in his nose sometimes and it makes him snore. It doesn’t block his entire nasal passage so I typically leave them alone. I know using the bulb too much can irritate the area and make it worse.
He hasn’t spit up much, but one day he spit up/threw up a lot (only once, but a lot of volume). I remember Jase doing that a few times too. Little man got me and our new comforter (that we JUST had dry cleaned!) good.
Still LOTS of poop and pee diapers. We moved him to size 1’s on 7/5 (almost 3 weeks). They fit much better! We prefer Pampers at this age, but Jase is in size 6 and we prefer Huggies for him. (Although just read through 3 Day Potty Training my friend Lindsay sent, and once we get Kade on a schedule, it’s game on potty training Jase!)
We celebrated Papa’s birthday and had a BLAST!!
Kade also celebrated his first 4th of July!
He doesn’t like being strapped in his car seat, but he’s fine once he’s in there and usually just sleeps.
PostPartum: I feel pretty much all the way back to normal this week! Woo hoo!! I have started driving and picking up my Jase again.
Im about 5-6 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight. Not trying to lose weight, but it’s coming off from nursing I think. My arms and legs aren’t as tone and I am ready to get in the gym, but I know that’ll be a couple more weeks. My tummy is still a little fuller than normal too, but I have read that it could take 4-6 weeks for uterus to go back to its normal size. I did discover some new stretch marks though that I didn’t know I had! All of the ones around the center of my belly are pretty much gone and it’s just a little loose skin, but I have some that are a little darker and bigger on the underneath side of my belly (closer to my bikini line). Apparently the torpedo belly was so big I couldn’t see them! Ha! I showed Jonathan the other day and said “Check these out! Did you know I had these?” He hadn’t seen them either.
Holy.night.sweats! I wake up completely SOAKED…to the point that I could use a towel to dry off! Awesome, right? I never sweat in my sleep so it’s just a super fun post-partum treat.
My face is breaking out some this week.
Finally got my hair done! Desperately needed it because my hair and nails have been growing crazy fast!
Big Brother Jase: Jase does his own thing for the most part, but he is very loving towards Kade. He won’t go to bed without kissing Kade goodnight and the first thing he does in the morning is come kiss Kade on the head. I’m sure as they will become best buds and Jase will be protective over him. He already doesn’t like for Kade to cry & runs to get his paci if he’s crying.
Thoughts: It has been SUCH a blessing having Jonathan home. He is so helpful around the house and gets to spend a ton of time with Jase while Kade is requiring lots of my attention. (And then of course we can trade off and I can have some alone time with Jase while he gets to bond with Kade.) Two kids in diapers is a good bit of work, but we are so, so thankful for our precious blessings!! Jonathan tends to get stressed easily so I told him the other day we just have to embrace the chaos & soak it all up because it’ll be over before we know it! We already can’t believe how fast time has flown by with Jase and know we’ll be waking up in the blink of an eye and Kade will be 2! This morning we were all 4 in our bed before breakfast. Kade was asleep on my chest, Jase was “pretending to be night night” and we were all snuggled up. Jon and I have talked about selling our bed because it’s a king and just HUGE, but Jon said “I guess it’s a good thing we have this big bed for all these boys and the other babies we’re going to have!” I can’t even tell you how that made my heart feel. I thought it might just burst right out of my chest and I truly feel blessed beyond measure. Motherhood is such a blessing. Like Jon says…”It’s not all grapes and lollipops,” but even changing 12+ diapers a day and nursing non-stop through growth spurts…there is no place I’d rather be. I have truly never been more fulfilled.


Meet Lindsay said...

Sweet boys! You look great!!

Katie said...

Sweet pics!

It sounds crazy, but you may even be LESS stressed with more babies. My #4 is 7 weeks (I have 6.5, 4.5, and a newly 2 year old) and things are CRAZY (sooooo crazy!), but neither my husband or I stress about the stuff that seemed like big deals when we just had 1 or 2 kids.