Friday, July 17, 2015

Founder’s Force Book Series

We LOVE the McElhaneys! They are pretty much studs in life and have two precious boys. You may have seen pics on the blog of me and Brandi flexing/showing off our mom guns, and also of our cutie patootie boys playing together. They are the sweetest little Superhero family. And now they can add “authors” to their list of superhero talents. They just released the neatest book series called Founders Force.

Meet the Macs:
Brandi and Kyle McElhaney are native Mississippians who both graduated from Ole Miss. Kyle is a captain in the US Army. They have two boys who love superheroes. Kyle, being an early American history nerd, and Brandi, being an actual nerd, combined their passions and created Founders Force. Their goal is to strengthen the American family and create a new generation of patriots.

We are so proud of what they’ve done, and it has been really cool seeing them visit bookstores in different cities and appear on news stations to share about Founder’s Force. They have also donated several sets to help local communities and schools.

This is such a cool way to teach kiddos about American history, and they make some seriously awesome teacher gifts too!
Actually, I really love getting books as gifts for the boys too because they are already overloaded with toys. Anyone else’s playroom look like Toys R Us threw up? Ha! I’m such a book nerd (maybe that’s why me and Brandi get along so well- both self-proclaimed nerds) that I LOVE getting/giving books. I’m always looking for new material because one can only read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom so many times before getting a little cray cray. (And don’t forget about the girls- I know they love superheroes too!)
We have the George Washington book and!! About to order the others too because Jase loves it!
Here are the links if you want to lock in your copies. Good stuff!

God bless America!

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