Monday, July 6, 2015

Kade’s 2nd Week

Hi Kade! You turned 2 weeks old on Sunday, June 28th. This is all about your sweet second week.

Weight: Our next appointment is on Wednesday, July 1st. We are anxious to see how much weight he has gained. I am guessing a lot because he hit a growth spurt and ate pretty much all day Friday and Saturday! I felt like we were attached.


Health: Kade’s umbilical cord fell off on Tuesday, June 23 (9 days old). We were glad to see it go because it was getting a little stinky and leaving some gook on his onsies.

His rash is clearing up. You can still see it a little but it is definitely improving.


Everything else has been going pretty well. We are thankful for a healthy baby boy!


Sleep: He started waking up during the night when he hit that growth spurt. Let the good times roll! Maybe when we make it through that he’ll go back to 12-5…I really enjoyed that stretch. And if not, I know it’s just a season. We’ll start working on a schedule a little bit more in another week or so.


Nursing: Engorgement went away and the milk supply started regulating. No more pain- Yay!! He did get fussy at the breast during the growth spurt though. I wasn’t sure if letdown was too fast or slow…or maybe he needed to burp..or maybe he just wasn’t getting as much milk as he wanted…or if it was gas…or if he was just fussy from the growth spurt. It happened in the middle of a feed and he would continue after fussing for a few seconds. He also started getting hiccups after some feedings. Lots and lots of diaper changes though. (A yellow seedy poop after every feed. Jonathan has been changing Jase’s diapers so that means I get Kade duty.)

What Kade is up to: You want to hold your head up so bad and you are already so strong! You prefer to be held upright when you are awake.

We  gave him his first real bath the same day his cord fell off. We bathed him in the sink after we put Jase to bed. We wanted him to look fresh for his newborn pictures the next day!


Newborn pictures…well, they didn’t happen. Brittany is the best and so, so sweet with them. Seriously, baby whisperer! But Kade wasn’t having it. At first he just wouldn’t go to sleep for us, but then he started crying out and pulling his little legs up like he had gas. This was the first time he’d ever done that, so I’m thinking it was a certain protein bar I ate. We ended up rescheduling, but of course little booger went right to sleep as soon as we left and slept for the next 3 hours or so! P.S. You know you’ve hit the newborn photographer jackpot when she’s willing to change a yucky diaper for you.


We went to Sunday school on Sunday because they are having a series on Shepherding A Child’s Heart that I did not want to miss. Jonathan didn’t like the idea of taking him out so early, but agreed if we got there late and left early so no one would want to touch him. (He also doesn’t really like me nursing in public.) He said he was just going to go to prove to me how stressful it was going to be, but it ended up going fine.

You also had some great visits from family this week, and more sweet friends brought us meals. (I know I’ve told you all thank you, but seriously, THANK YOU!! It was such a blessing to not have to worry about preparing dinner during those first two weeks.)


PostPartum: Hallelujah! The Sunday that he turned 1 week old I started to feel like a NEW woman. A few sitz baths & more rest did the trick. I quit taking Motrin and Colace, stopped using the squirt bottle and started using regular toilet paper, nursing quit being painful, and the swelling of the hemrhooids went away. Still having the night sweats and still have a tummy. I’m holding at about 6 lbs up from my pre-pregnancy weight.


Mom & I went to Target and Belk this week to finish getting the bedding for our bedroom. It was so nice to get out! So far Kade does great in his car seat and pretty much sleeps the whole time we are out. We used Mom’s double stroller for the first time too and it worked out perfectly.

Big Brother Jase: Jase REALLY fell into his big brother role this week. He likes to help me hold him and LOVES to kiss him on the top of the head! He probably kisses him about 50-60 times a day and has started kissing me on the head too. He calls him brother, tells him he loves him, and loves to help out. When Kade opens his eyes, Jase says “I’m watcccccching you, brother!” Oh my gosh, we die laughing every time. It is hilarious! We do have to watch him because he really likes to get all up in his face and lay his head down on the baby. He also likes to hold his hands and feet and squeezes just a little too hard. Kade doesn’t seem to mind, but we keep reminding Jase to be gentle.


Thoughts: The second week was even better than the first! I was able to do a lot more around the house and with Jase, so that took some pressure off Jonathan. The weather was beautiful this week too so we spent a lot of time outside.


“Every good and perfect gift is from above.” –James 1:17

Baby Kade- You are so, so precious!! Between your sweet newborn smell and kissable little face, I have to restrain myself from kissing your little face right off! You make my heart so happy and I LOVE seeing you and Jase together. We already can’t imagine life without you. You’ve made yourself right at home and are such a sweet addition to our family. Love you, my angel baby.


Anna Demko said...

How sweet! I love your posts and updates now that I'm due in only 3 weeks!

Happy Medley

DanielleWoods91711 said...

If you are going to have lots of babies Jon needs to get used to the nursing in public! I'm sure your modest about it and don't just whip your boob out in public- the more babies- the less time at home!