Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Packing Tips for the Hospital


I remember looking up lists about what to bring to the hospital, and it always baffles me to see things like “cards, board games, movies, etc. to pass the time.” I am a firm believer in laboring at home as long as possible, so by the time we get there, it’s game on. Ain’t nobody got time for a round of Go Fish! I made a list on my phone while I was in the hospital of things I brought and things I wish I had brought so I’ll remember for next time. Here’s what I came up with!

  • clothes/pjs for me & Jon
  • pillow for Jon
  • 20 gift bags for nurses/doctors/techs
  • journal to write notes about labor/deliver and baby’s first moments, as well as any instructions or helpful hints from nurses or lactation specialist (You won’t remember all the details, even if you think you will. It’s a whirlwind. I also wrote a note to Kade in his journal while it was fresh.)
  • some people may want an i-pad. We brought it but didn’t use it.
  • phone chargers (don’t forget to get them before you leave. We almost left ours!)
  • cash/quarters (for food/water from vending machine/parking)
  • newborn blankets
  • essential oils/diffuser for labor
  • music (I used Pandora on my phone. Matt Redman’s 10,000 Reasons was my station of choice.)
  • an extra Boppy cover
  • newborn hat/socks/gowns
  • baby going home outfit
  • sign in book & Sharpie for guests (On the Night You Were Born is a sweet one.)
  • fully charged camera & designated photographer (Thank you Dana & Tammie!)
  • gift for older siblings from new baby
  • hair brush & hair ties
  • bathroom toiletries (We left after 24 hours, so the only thing I used was face wash/lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, and makeup. We both took showers when we got home so I ended up not needing shower stuff, a hair dryer, or straightener. Jon used his contact solution & wore his glasses.) **Tip about deodorant: I typically use Tom’s because it is Paraben free, but it did NOT cut it during labor. Apparently that’s a big workout or something? Ha! Lesson learned.
  • Snack bag (peanut butter/honey sandwich, Spark, Rehydrate, Pro 20, trail mix, raw nuts, apple, gum, sugar free candy)
  • face wipes
  • loose, comfy clothes to go home in
  • slippers/socks
  • nursing bra
  • water purifier pitcher (they bring you water- we are just picky about it so we brought one in case)
  • water bottle (both Nalgene & a couple disposable bottles to mix Spark/Rehydrate)
  • flip flops
  • newborn car seat (with mirrors positioned correctly if you already have another car seat in the car like we do this time)
  • text/call list

They’ll give you pretty much everything else you need while you’re there.  Try to designate some jobs ahead of time if you can. (example: people you want to take pictures, someone to make sure you both have something to eat/drink right after labor, someone to text people for you, etc.) Be sure to stock up and bring everything home since you’re paying for it anyway! The one thing I really wish I had more of was the breakable ice pads they give you…Those are AWESOME and I only had a few extra for at home. I really wish I had more and it was tough to find an ice pack that worked for down below.  


Kelley Moyer said...

I love reading your stuff about birth and babies. I'm due with my first in September and am praying it goes as smoothly as yours this time. My biggest worry is that we won't have anyone there in time to take pictures because my family lives 2 hours away and my husband's 8 hours away, and I don't have any close enough friends here to recruit. I thought about hiring a photographer, but holy cow it's expensive! Would my husband be able to take them in the beginning and then maybe a nurse to get family pictures?

#mommylife said...

Great tips and reminders! Ah do I already need to start packing?! This pregnancy has flown by!

Unknown said...

I love that 10,000 reasons was your station of choice!!! That's the song that was playing in the O.R. when my first daughter was born!!! Such a special song to me!

Camille Hansen said...

Perfect list of everything necessary to pack for the hospital. It reminds me of so many things I need to prepare and pack. Thanks :)