Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Zaycon Chicken, Cod, & Salmon

We eat protein with every meal, so that means a lot of eggs, chicken, and fish. Our favorite fish is cod, salmon, and tilapia. We have ordered our chicken from Zaycon for a couple years now and have always been really satisfied with them (which says a lot because we are really picky about our meat). Most of our friends and family order from Zaycon now too because it is just SUCH a great deal on quality meat.

Last Chicken Event of the Year! Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts at just $1.89/lb!

I decided to amp up our fish intake after reading an article about little boys’ brain development and behavior in correlation with consumption of omega-3 fatty acids (I wrote about it here), so we decided to give Zaycon’s cod and salmon a shot too. The salmon is wild caught sockeye from Alaska and Canada  and the cod is wild Alaskan true cod. (Quick tip: Always by wild caught and avoid farm raised.) Thankfully Jon and Jase both love fish as much as I do, so we’re excited to try it.

Salmon Gone Wild! Just $6.99/lb!

If you like to save money by buying in bulk, it is definitely worth checking to see if they have any delivery dates or locations in your area. You go pick it up yourself and will need to divvy it up into appropriate portion sizes for your fam. (That’s how it saves you so much money- by eliminating the middle man that delivers to grocery stores and raises prices.) We use gallon size freezer bags and store it in the deep freezer in our garage. It makes meal prep super easy because we can just thaw out whatever amount we need the day before or day of. (You can cook salmon and cod from frozen in the oven and it cooks pretty quickly.)

Fish is so easy to prepare! We just throw some lemon juice, organic butter, and various flavors of Mrs. Dash seasoning on the fish, place in tin foil in a baking dish, and bake according to directions. We like to eat it with sweet potatoes or quinoa & some type of green veggie or salad.

You can check it out and order here if you’re interested. 

Just wanted to share in case you’re cheap frugal like I am. Like I said, you just can’t beat the deal per pound for the quality of meat you get.

Hope you enjoy as much as we do!

P.S. It is a LOT, so you may want to make sure you have plenty of freezer space before you order.

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Fancy at the Farm said...

Wow! So excited. (Yes over chicken) We are natural/grass fed beef farmers so we never eat chicken, because of all the nastiness (shots, chemicals and extras mass producers pump in them) but my husband said this is a go. Excited to add some chicken in our mix. Thanks for the recommendations.