Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ten Unchangeables

I know I have talked before about how blessed we are to have incredible mentorship through our Sunday school class, but I am so thankful the Lord placed us in this specific class. It was definitely an answered prayer. Our teachers have committed to two years with us and are taking us through 100 lessons about our personal relationships with the Lord, marriage, and children. Their goal is for us to have families that look DIFFERENT than the rest of the world, and that matches our desire as well. Of course…what Christian doesn’t want to live a life full of abundance? We all do. Unfortunately though, many (yes, even Christian) homes in today’s society are desperately struggling. Sometimes the desire to live the abundant, promised-land life that serves Christ doesn’t match up to our reality, and often times it’s because we are missing the “how-to’s” of a deeper relationship with the Lord. Surface level Christianity is extremely common, and I know that because I have experienced it in my own faith. Obviously we are not talking about a problem-free life, but rather a Christ-centered life, walk, marriage, and family that glorifies God and results in spiritual blessings, peace, and fulfillment.

One of my favorite lessons so far was on the ten unchangeables, and they challenged us to teach this to our children and share with others as well. This is not a definitive, comprehensive list, but it is absolutely a great starting place. Even before God created us in our mother’s womb, He knew these things about us. These are 10 things that we cannot change, and the sooner we learn to accept them, (rather than reject, try to change, question, or be upset with) the better off we will be. We should also learn to accept, and even appreciate, these unique characteristics about others and trust that God always has a plan. Here are the 10 unchangeables & a copy of their notes from this lesson. As you read through (especially their notes), I encourage you to look up the Scriptures they listed. Ask God to reveal some areas you may struggle with accepting and pray he changes your heart. I know accepting these truths can have a powerful impact in our lives and our relationship with the Lord.

Here is another great article on the ten unchangeables you may want to check out too.

1. You are “one of a kind.”

2. Your Mom and Dad.

3. Your Brothers and Sisters.

4. Nationality.

5. Mental Capacity.

6. Time in History.

7. Boy or Girl.

8. Order of Birth.

9. Ageing.

10. Time we die.

**Credit goes to Dr. & Mrs. Bennett. They worded it way better than I could have so I just included their notes below.





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