Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Few of Our Favorite Clean Meals

I am DEFINITELY not a foodographer, so please excuse the pictures and note this is definitely not doing these meals the justice they deserve.

I am ALL about some QUICK, simple dinners though, so I wanted to share a few staples in our house.

1. Baked chicken (covered with Greek yogurt, some grated parmesan cheese, & Mrs. Dash seasoning all mixed together), salad, kale chips, & brussel sprouts (my fave!), & bakes sweet potatoes

photo 1

2. Seafood Portobello mushrooms with shrimp, organic brown rice, broccoli, sugar snap peas & string beans. We both prefer our greens (asparagus, sprouts, green beans, broccoli, etc.) crispy. We cook them on the stove top in coconut oil or on the grill & use the olive oil mister.

photo 2

3. Homemade burritos!! Lean ground turkey or bison with homemade taco seasoning, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, & Greek yogurt (tastes like sour cream) on Ezekiel wraps.

photo 3

4. Bacon/Mushroom burgers!! (We rarely eat red meat or bacon, but every once in a while I get a wild hair. When it comes to bacon we use the real stuff, nitrate free, & with the beef we use grass-fed lean ground beef). Broccoli & brussels. We eat a lot of quinoa too (instead of brown rice because it is high protein & gluten-free).

 photo 4

5. Grilled chicken (we eat a lot of wild caught fish too- we make it on the grill and love lemon-herb Mrs. Dash, ground pepper, and fresh lemon) with a salt-free seasoning and SALSA, green beans, quinoa & wild rice, and avocado.


6. Tuna Salad (tuna in water, mustard & spicy mustard, boiled egg, pickles) on a bed of spinach & half sweet potato.


7. Quinoa ‘Fried Rice’ (I don’t have a picture) is DELCIOUS (thanks for sharing, Melissa). It’s made with organic quinoa, Bragg’s liquid aminos (tastes just like soy sauce), mixed veggies with edamame (frozen from Costco), scrambled egg, broccoli, mushrooms, & zucchini. Be sure to take your Carb-Ease first!!

(Here is a picture…it’ not mine and I found it here) Way better than and pic I could have taken anyway, obviously.) Looks like I add a little more to mine than she does, and I supplement liquid aminos for the soy sauce.

Quinoa Fried Rice

As far as breakfast, we are pretty boring but both like the same thing every day. I eat 4 boiled egg whites and one whole egg, 1/2 c quick cooking gluten-free oats with  cinnamon, chia seeds, and ground flax (honey too when I’m not on a cleanse), AND a grapefruit. Sound like a lot? It is! Very filling!! Jonathan drinks a meal replacement shake with 1/4 c oats and almond milk and 2 boiled eggs (1 whole egg and 1 egg white) with hot sauce.

The whole key is to eat frequently and to eat balanced meals to keep that metabolism burning. You also want to think about eating like a KING for breakfast, a QUEEN for lunch, and a PRINCE for dinner with healthy snacks in between. I prefer our after dinner snack to be high-protein and low-carb to feed our muscles while we sleep. Really, if you think about it, your body is still burning calories while you sleep, so you should EAT and drink WATER within 30-40 minutes of waking up to rehydrate yourself and get your metabolism burning for the day. Skipping breakfast is the WORST thing you can do for your metabolism. Say you eat dinner at 7 pm. If you don’t eat breakfast/lunch till 11:30/12 the next day, that is almost 16 HOURS WITHOUT FOOD. Sheesh! Your body thinks it’s starving and will store any fat. Gotta feed those muscles to keep them lean & mean.

You definitely don’t have to be a chef to enjoy healthy, home-made meals. And although I spend a decent amount of time meal prepping while Jase is napping, I do whip up some pretty quick dinners so we can enjoy a meal together & get back to playing with my boys. Hope you enjoy!!


bnfunky said...

Thank you for sharing all of this, Danielle! You gave me a lot of good ideas, and you are always so uplifting and encouraging. You make it look totally doable!

Emily said...

Yum! I need to know more details on that mushroom. It looks delicious!

Erin Weathers said...

Can you give the recipe for the seafood mushrooms? Sounds amazing!! Loved this post :)