Friday, July 18, 2014

Hilton Head 2014

One of the five ways you get paid in AdvoCare is through trips and bonuses. We love to travel, so trips are definitely our love language! Corporate runs incredible incentive trips that are open for anyone in the company to earn (& it’s legit doable though- we’ve earned two from corporate), but we also periodically run incentive trips for our ROCK STAR team. This is a “you do, you get” business and we believe in rewarding hard work. Plus, there is just so much value in being able to walk the beaches with your friends and teammates. We have been on a few other trips as well: Amelia Island 2012, Amelia Island 2013, Cabo, & this year we co-hosted a trip to Hilton Head Island with several other leaders on our team. It was actually at the Westin, which is the same hotel where  mom & I stayed with Lacy and Gloria for Spring Break a few years back. It was beautiful!

We couldn’t be more proud of our earners, who happen to be beautiful sisters from Indiana! LOVE these two gals and their sweet family and beyond thankful for their friendship. Chris and Melissa and Matt & Renee are not only great leaders in AdvoCare, but they are just quality people & we so enjoy spending time with them.


We headed to HHI Father’s Day weekend. We enjoyed some great meals, lots of fellowship, some awesome training, & of course HHI is awesome. We spent the 4th of July 2012 in Hilton Head for our family beach trip & fell in love, so we were pumped to go back with our team.


I love that these trips are so family-oriented & love getting to spend casual time with everyone around the pool & enjoying meals. You know we get some workouts in too…I mean, we are AdvoCare people after all! We always walk away with a renewed sense of purpose and completely inspired & encouraged. Our cups were so full from spending time with so many champions. IMG_2257

We also were fortunate to bring my mom, Ragan, and the kids. It was their first Father’s Day without Michael, which we knew was going to be so hard. I’m thankful they were able to come and we got to spend a little bit of time with them.


Poor Jase was cutting FOUR molars at the same time…poor little guy! He is seriously the toughest little dude & was fine the whole trip; however, he did have a few ‘moments’ on the way home. I was still nursing at this point so I fed him in the car a good bit to help soothe him & it definitely helped. So pitiful!!


Huge thanks to all of the leaders who invested into planning and coordinating this trip for us, and a big shout out to the rock stars who earned it!! That is a huge accomplishment & we are so proud of you guys and all the lives you are changing. Can’t wait for the next one!!

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