Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mountain Visit

Jonathan is originally from the beautiful ‘mountain town’ of Dahlonega, Ga, which is where I went to college and where we met. His family still lives there & we love going to visit. Y’all, it is such a beautiful place to visit & live, so if you’re ever in the area, make it a point to check it out.

We have been looking for land for a while because we eventually want a small farm. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our house & the location, but want more land and some animals, so we’re going to have to move eventually to make that dream come true. We are just praying for God’s direction and timing and trusting Him totally- no rush. So funny how things change, huh? We for sure thought this would be our ‘forever home,’ and we’d definitely be content with it if that were to be the case. However, the desires of our heart have changed, so we are following wherever God may lead.

My parents found a beautiful tract of 43 acres with a ready-to-go “gentleman’s farm” in Blairsville, so we decided to make a day trip last Sunday afternoon after church to check it out. We stopped through Dahlonega on our way to let Baby Jase take a nap and play with his grandparents. They got out lots of Jonathan’s toys from childhood, & I know he had a blast with them!!


Three generations of Butler fellas. Incredible legacy. And some serious beard growing abilities!! (Love me some facial hair! ha)


We were only gone a few hours, but had such a BLAST with my parents. The land was gorgeous, but we didn’t feel a peace about it so it must have not been where God wants us to go.

On our way home, we stopped at a fun little place on the river that had some general stores, restaurants, farmer’s market, etc. We had lunch before we walked around to check everything out.


Ohhh how I needed a relaxing afternoon with lots of laughs.


Loved the big porch. The “people” laying around were a little bit creepy & reminded me of a haunted house.


My goodness how I adore these two people. My parents are ROCKS. They are both so full of wisdom and love and have such a rock solid marriage. I am so thankful for their example and their friendship. And Jonathan loves them like I do, so it’s always fun to hang out with them. Super thankful for a great in-law relationship.


Jon was super silly & had me cracking up all afternoon. His humor is part of what drew me in & keeps our marriage FUN. Glad one of us is funny. I’m usually the only person laughing at my own jokes.


I bought these 5 little bars of soap from one of the stores. Random, but I couldn’t resist. They were $1 a piece, homemade & local, all natural, & smelled great. I am ALWAYS down to support local businesses when I can. Jonathan used them as a peace offering to the random statues. He wasn’t having any part of it.


We have a fun event coming up & thought about buying a new outfit to rock to it. What are y’alls thoughts?


Thankful for both of our parents & for my hot hubby. I know I brag on him all the time, but he deserves every bit of that praise (and some kind of award for putting up with me). No, he’s not perfect, and neither am I, and our marriage isn’t either. But we are definitely better together! I am thankful for his companionship, his true friendship, his leadership, and for him being my biggest supporter.


Thankful for a much needed mountain day with our families!

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