Sunday, July 20, 2014

What Jase is up to…

Hey sweet buddy!! You turned 14 months old on July 8th. It has been such a JOY watching you grow and we love seeing your sweet personality shining through. We are so thankful God blessed us with you! You are the absolute LIGHT of our world and bring so much love to everyone who knows you. You have the coolest little personality.

  • You are a walking machine!! You walk everywhere now (feel like it happened overnight), can get around pretty fast now, and prefer to hold our hand because you can pretty much run then. You look like Frankenstein when you walk because it’s very stiff-legged and with both arms straight out. So CUTE!


  • You can say quite a few words now. A few I can think of that we have heard you say are Mommy, Daddy, Granddaddy, Mac (that’s what you call every dog), bye bye, night night, Jase,& bia (although we’re not quite sure what that means).
  • You are so SILLY. You love to giggle and love to make other people laugh. You do this hilarious fake laugh too that cracks us up, and you laugh even more when everyone else is laughing. I hope you keep this awesome sense of humor.
  • Your feet are HUGE! You’re about to outgrow your size 6’s and you can fit in 24 mos and 2T clothing pretty easily.
  • Your hair is so blonde & you have a little bit of an awesome mullet going on. I’m in no rush to cut it.
  • You cut 4 molars at the same time and took it like a champ. You have 12 teeth total right now & chew your food up like a boss.
  • You had your first busted lip & there were LOTS of tears…way more from me than you. Of course it was the one time Daddy was out of town, and Mommy was a HOT MESS over it.


  • You had swim lessons with Infant Swim Resource (ISR). It was a rough few weeks for both of us. Lots of prayer! I highly recommend it though.
  • We weaned from nursing the second week in July, right after you turned 14 months. You were totally fine with it.
  • You have become super cuddly and let me hold you like a little baby while you suck your thumb. You like for me to hold you this way when you wake up in the mornings and before naps.
  • You are still taking 2 naps a day (the first one is 2 1/2 – 3 hours and the second is 1- 2 hours) & sleep for 12 hours solid at night. You like your sleep & you get it honest.
  • You LOVE to drink water!
  • You love to give kisses!! Good thing…I give you about 9 million every day.


  • You love to go on walks. You eat your little cereal O’s, drink your water, and lay back so contently.


  • You don’t like to be put in your car seat, but once you’re in you are fine.


  • You throw food off your tray when you don’t want it anymore & this is the only thing you really do that you get ‘in trouble’ for right now.


  • You’re not a big fan of fruit. You like bananas, oranges, kiwi, and apples, but that’s it. You spit our berries, peaches, etc.
  • You hate having your diaper changed and we have to use our best methods of distraction.
  • You have taken your diaper off a few times. One time I was letting you air our and you pooped on the floor. Ummmmm??
  • You had a blast at VBS. You love big kids & music.


  • You love play dates & having people over at our house.


  • You love to push buttons. Phones, computers, remotes…anywhere you can find them.


  • You love your grandparents & aunts & cousins.


  • You love to be outside & we spend a lot of time on our front porch.


  • You can open doors now. And even unlock them (you little smartie pants!!). Thankfully you can’t reach the deadbolt yet.
  • You’ve got some sick dance moves. You must get those from your dad.
  • You do not like to wear hats or sunglasses. Don’t let the picture fool you…


  • You don’t like to sit still to practice words. I’ve tried teaching you to count, colors, ABCs, body parts, etc. You’re pretty on-the-move and keep us busy.
  • You are a FAST learner though. If we show you how to do something , you get it right away and remember how to do it from then on. You are also a problem solver. I think you get both of those from your Daddy.
  • You are a social bug and never meet a stranger. You wave at everyone. I think you get that one from me.

We pray for you DAILY and cannot wait to see the big plans God has in store for you!!

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