Sunday, July 27, 2014

24 Day Challenge Update

I told you guys I would keep you posted on our challenge…so here it is so far!

I am not posting my final weight/measurements till the end of the challenge (which is really more of the beginning than the end), but I am seeing some MAJOR progress! Today was day 13, and y’all, I FEEL INCREDIBLE.

Lots of people see great results during their cleanse phase, but everyone’s body reacts differently. For me, I always see the biggest results during the max phase (which I am not a few days into- woo hoo!). My energy is back up and I am seeing my body transform. I am beyond thankful and blessed God allowed me the opportunity to nurse Jase for as long as I did, but not going to lie…I am also super happy to have MNS & the Performance Elite line back in my life. I’m going to soak it up and enjoy them while I can!!

SO, here are my current “progress” pictures. I think pictures tell more than numbers anyway. The picture on the left was on May 9th at James & Mariah's wedding. (I’m sorry my before picture had to come from y’alls wedding, #jariah…it was one of the more recent ones I could find.) And here is last night (7/25), which was day 12! I can definitely see a difference in my mid-section, arms, legs, and even face...but more than anything…I am PUMPED about how I feel & that the sweet tooth is GONE!! Hallelujah! Falling in love with the products all over again.


Glad I could wear that black dress again & didn’t have to waste money buying something new. (That bad boy wouldn’t zip there for a little while after Jase.)

I really need to post a picture of Jonathan’s pants too. He has lost a TON of inches in his waist and his suit pants are HUGE on him now. He’s kept his size everywhere else, but his waist is looking slimmer for sure. (So much so that he wants to go buy new suit pants in a smaller size. I may just have to take those bad boys in myself. Obviously I’m still ‘frugal’ cheap.)

Also, wanted to give a huge shout out to all of the challengers rockin it out with us. You guys have been such an encouragement and so inspirational. Love all the support in our FB group, and especially love hearing all of your results and progress. This is the kind of feedback we’re getting. I blocked out the names to protect everyone in our ‘secret coaching group’ but this is from one of the guys on the challenge with us.


Can’t wait to see what the next couple weeks have in store!


Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

You always look beautiful, but holy definition!! So pumped for you. I feel a little deja vu--when I was pregnant with Brooke you really rocked out your challenge and I was super anxious to try this advo stuff out. Yeah, I'm pretty much feeling this same way. These products are amazing. Great job and thank you again for always inspiring women like me, to be their best selves.

#mommylife said...

wow!! you've always looked amazing but just already your transformation from just a couple months ago! look at your arms! hot mama! ;)

Unknown said...

I am looking forward to seeing the end of the 24 day challenge. Will you please do a followup post on what products you will continue to use after the challenge?? Thanks!!