Friday, June 8, 2012

Teaching Photography Camp

I LOVE taking pictures and have been blessed to learn some tricks of the trade from one of my beautiful photographer BFFs, Dana! She rocks!! Check out her page!! She has allowed me to be a second shooter for her in two weddings now, and I have learned so much from watching her. She’s awesome!

One of my other BFFs, Laura, invited me to teach the Extreme Experience Digital Media Summer Camp with her, which focused on photography, and of course I gladly agreed. We made an excellent teaching team and had an absolute blast!! It was neat to see how we both have very different strengths in the classroom, and we collaborated perfectly and were both able to serve in the area we excel- it worked out awesome!!

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We taught the kids some basics of photography, different techniques, editing tools and tips, and let them practice LOTS. They loved it!! We also took them to the Humane Society to do some community service and take pictures of the dogs, which are going to be used for their Pet Finder website (cool, huh?).

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{Look at little JoJo….He was my fave and ALMOST became the newest member of the Butler family!}

The kids printed their picture collages and we Modge Podged them onto some tiles donated by Home Depot. These tiles are being donated back to the Humane Society for them to give to their sponsor

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We also taught them how to design a website, and they used their photos to create a mock Humane Society website.

They were super talented and creative, and I was SO blown away with their work! Especially for middle schoolers….WOW!! They had a people’s choice award for their personal tile collage, and people from the community voted on a winner. Students won prizes for various things…including universal tripods and even a Nikon CoolPix camera!!

k 013k 014k 015k 016k 017

We also let them choose their favorite edited photo from the week and use the supplemation machine to transfer their picture onto a ceramic frame.

k 022k 023

There was also a Cake Aces camp going on at the same time…super cool! Check out some of their work!!

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What a FABULOUS week!! I am so glad Laura asked me to help her co-teach the camp, and I’m already looking forward to next year!!


LongIslandTeacher said...

I absolutely love your blog! I just looked at your wedding pictures and I absolutely love your dress! Would you mind telling me the designer? It is exactly what I am looking for. :)

Mama’s Minute said...

How fun! Those tiles look amazing! ;) I want to make one! Teach me?