Saturday, June 16, 2012

Home Sweet Home, Advocare FO LIFE, & Giving Blood!

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It feels SO, SO good to be back in our house!! There really is no place like home. We are so happy to be back, and are LOVING our new floors and countertops!! If you wanna see the rainbow, you gotta put up with the flood, huh? (Such a cheeseball, I know!)

We just got back in and still have a LOT of unpacking to do, but don’t worry….we have our Advocare!! This is JUST mine & Jonathan’s….isn’t that crazy?? b 001

{Check out out new countertops! They are only a slightly different shade, but the slight difference has made a WORLD of difference in our kitchen. I LOVE them!!!}

I bet people think I’m exaggerating when I say we LOVE the products- ALL of them- will stay on them for life, and that we have a WHOLE pantry full.  Nope….no exaggeration. Jonathan LOVES them as much as I do, and he’s not quite as enthusiastic about things as I am, so that’s a pretty bold statement coming from him. What can I say….once you’ve tried it, you’ll get it. That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing these incredible products with everyone I come into contact with….(I mean it, I want to stand in front of the energy drink aisles and pass out Spark cuz it’s SO much BETTER for you!). If you’ve tried Advocare, you KNOW why people become so obsessed with it. It’s AMAZING what putting the best possible nutrition into your body can do for your health, weight, energy, appearance, confidence, performance, sleeping habits, workouts, finances, and just how you feel overall.


I got a voicemail this week from my friend Kay…She and I go to church together and she subs for me when I’m out. She was ECSTATIC to report to me that she and her bubby are down a COMBINE total of 40 lbs, over 30 inches!!!! AND at her check-up, her doctor cut both her heart medicine AND diabetes medicine in HALF!!! Now I’m not making medical claims, but she gives all the credit to Advocare and it helping jump start her new healthy lifestyle. Her doctor was amazed and super impressed that her heart enzymes were regulated and her sugars and other numbers were the best they’ve been!!I am SO proud of her and Mark both!!! And THAT, friends, is why I LOVE this business and these products. Success story after success story. (These are the only pictures I could find….I had to stalk them off her FB page!)





We had a training event earlier this week too…..Check out my stud of a hubby!

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{With Rick Loy….VP of sales of the entire company!! Made a special trip to Ga for some training…..such a sweet, knowledgeable man!}a 004

Oh, and we made it to the Omni Resort at Amelia Island today for our Advocare Incentive Trip!! Woo hoo!!! Check out our snack bag for the road trip. Yep, I always pack a cooler because being prepared with healthy foods prevents temptation to make unhealthy choices. (And it’s cheaper!)

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I am LOVING this GORGEOUS resort, the perfect weather, and being surrounded by like minded people who are PASSIONATE about helping people get healthier and changing lives!

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Lookin’ forward to a fabulous weekend with THIS guy!! Hope you have a restful weekend too!!

By the way, I gave blood for the first time on Thursday!! It was such a rewarding feeling. I have a major needle phobia, but after having my physical this week (and not passing out during blood work), I was feeling pretty brave. I asked my doctor to find out my blood type (I’m adopted and don’t know mine….and that’s important), but he said insurance company wouldn’t pay for it, so the best way to find out was to give blood. JUST SO HAPPENED LifeSouth was in the Kroger parking lot next to my gym, so I decided to bite the bullet and do it.

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Gotta be honest…I felt like I got hit by a truck afterwards. But, it was SO worth it. Did you know….you lose 1 lb, burn 800 calories, and SAVE 3 LIVES when you donate????  Plus I got this sweet t-shirt! Glad to be a donor.


Rissy said...

ok what is advocare? I need to be filled in.

your house is so pretty!! love love love it


Emily said...

i've never given blood either! too scared!!! i can't remember when i found out my blood type. I know Kye's we didn't find out until he had surgery b/c they don't check for it anymore. So strange!

Baseball-Diamonds & Hairspray said...

Danielle, I am so happy you are back in your house! I had to chuckle tho when I got to the "needle phobia".. I am the SAME way! (and I could totally hear you saying it like you were talking to me in person) .. <3