Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Setting Goals

I have to be honest. Setting goals scares the poo out of me.

I 100% believe in being a goal setter. It helps you maintain focus and achieve things (to make yourself better and help others) so you're not floating aimlessly through life. I always encourage others (my students, specifically) to set goals and work hard toward acheiving them. Never give up.
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So here's why setting goals scares me. If I set a goal, I am DEAD SET on making it happen. I WILL accomplish it. I have always been that way...I wanted to get a college scholarship, I wanted to graduate college with honors, I wanted to continue to get my Specialist's before I turned 26, I wanted to wait on God's timing for getting married, buying a house, having babies, etc., I wanted to run a marathon. I set a goal for each of those things...And I did them. No questions asked...
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When I set a goal for myself, naturally I'm afraid of failing.  (Aren't we all??) What if I don't accomplish it? What if I don't succeed? Those kinds of doubts are exactly the reason many of us don't achieve some of the things in our lives we want to.  I can guarantee you that any of the great people in history have had the very same thoughts, but they didn't let that stop them. Imagine how different our world would be if they had....
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Back to my point. If I have my mind made up enough about something to vocalize it, I will do what it takes to get it done...and preferably blow past it. I'm not sure what it is in me, but I refuse to give up until I've acheived what I've set out to ahcieve. One thing that helps me maintain my focus is to remember WHO I am working for....WHO I am serving....anf giving HIM the glory when I do accomplish it. I kow it's not in my own strength or power that I accomplish anything....but only with the Lord's help.
But THAT is why setting goals is scary to me.

I have a friend and mentor who always says "Non-specific goals will get you non-specific results." I have been working on setting goals more often, being more specific about my desired outcome, putting a time deadline on it (so I know how hard to work to achieve it), and identifying my purpose behind it. WHY do I want to achieve that? When do I want to acheive it by? Once I have my purpose and my vision established, THEN I can focus on making it happen and the "how" of it all.
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I truly believe one of the biggest factors that gets in our way is....are you ready for this.....US! We are our own worst enemy, critic, and naysayer. If you don't believe in yourself, why would others?
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There is something very powerful about vocalizing your goals and writing them down. If you see it every day, and others know what you're trying to achieve, you are more likely to accomplish it.
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Whether you have goals related to your health, fitness, fiances, career, education, travel plans, family, personal, spiritual, whatever....It's time to STOP "wishing" for something to happen. Get out there and MAKE IT HAPPENThe only person stopping you is YOU.
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Why not make your dreams a reality?
Why NOT today??
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What are your goals??? Set some, then make them happen.

YOU CAN do this.
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Unknown said...

Awesome, awesome post! Love you, girlie!!!

Kae said...

Great post!!!!

BethReynolds said...

I love the picture about the ships staying in port. It makes me think, what was I built for?

Also, the habits picture: I can't tell you how strongly I feel about hanging with the right people. Some people are dream killers, and some are dream fulfillers. Hang out with the dream fulfillers.

Thanks, Danielle!