Monday, June 11, 2012

Do you want a SPRAY TAN Machine?? I’ve got mine!!

I LOVE being tan!!! Who doesn’t??
I feel prettier, healthier, and just more attractive when I have a golden glow. Unfortunately I have a pretty bad history of BAKING myself in the sun and tanning beds. When I was younger I spent a LOT of time laying out, completely unprotected. I would get super, super dark…and often burn on top of burn, peel, get burnt again, etc. I believed all the myths about getting a base tan, that my burns would turn into a tan, etc. I have even been known to lay out using tanning oil, baby oil, and even afro sheen! Looking back, that is TOTALLY ridiculous!!!!! But I did it.
Honeymoon 230
{Busted!! Super dark for my wedding/honeymoon….no editing to this pic…..just LOTS of skin damage from the tanning bed!}
I developed Melasma a few years ago, which is a skin discoloration/pigmentation issue….on my FACE of all places! I decided at that point I needed to chill out with my whole “sun goddess” deal and get more serious about taking care of and protecting my skin. Not only to avoid the sunspots, but also to prevent any more premature aging and wrinkles, and OF COURSE skin cancer. SCARY stuff!!! I know I have already done some irreversible damage, but it’s NEVER too late to start making better choices. (I did tan quite a bit before my wedding though…obviously from the picture above!)
I am now the sunscreen queen, and thank goodness big floppy hats came into style…I had to start rocking them before they became cool to protect my face!  (Seriously, I can be outside for a few minutes and my sunspots get darker and more visible.) I started getting spray tans ad I’m a pretty big fan of them, but I had some issues with it. 1. They’re expensive to maintain. 2. They ruin your clothes when you sweat. 3. They stink.
{Back in the day….rockin’ the big floppy hat!)
If you’re like me and you love being tan, but want to stay out of the sun and prevent signs of aging, you may want to take another look at spray tanning. Like I said, spray tanning has gotten a bad reputation over the years because of its smell, the fear of turning orange, staining clothes, and so on.
I was really tired of being pale though and was strongly considering purchasing my OWN spray tan machine a few months back. I did some research and found out some spray tanning solution (organic ones without all the chemicals) are even okay during pregnancy! SCORE!! I asked Jonathan if he cared if I bought one, and he didn’t mind, so I decided to check out some prices online. Turns out, I was talking to one of my sisters friends and she actually OWNS a company that SELLS spray tan systems!! My sister loves her, so I knew I could trust her. She and I talked for a while, and Krista is absolutely the sweetest! She was super helpful and I love that her company is faith-based too. I ordered a system from her and had it just a few days later!!
It is salon quality grade, but WAY more affordable and it very easy to use. Even my first “trial sprays” turned out awesome, and I hadn’t even had an official training yet!
I originally bought it just for my own use- and was planning on having Jonathan spray me. (Yet ANOTHER benefit of having a husband who paints….he knows how to work a spray gun!) but I now have people blowing me up about it and wanting me to spray them!!! Of COURSE I want to hook my friends and family up….so I am going to start spraying them and just charging them for the cost of solution. I’ve got a sweet little set up in my basement with the tent, radio, fan, full length mirror, etc. Some people feel much more comfortable with me spraying them rather than a total stranger, and of course I’m much cheaper and easier to ‘book an appointment’ with!
It’s a total no-brainer!! I can protect my skin, safely keep my tan year round, and even earn a little extra money (while still being way cheaper than other spray tan places!). Heck, if you do 40 spray tans @ $20, you’ll have the machine paid for!
Golden Sol is a supplier of all natural spray tanning supplies. After talking to Krista, I realized that spray tanning can be a very pleasant experience...if you are using the right solution! Most solutions have red dye (that stains), formaldehyde to preserve (that smells), and then perfume (to cover up the other smell). Golden Sol has created a solution that eliminates all of that and just gets back to the basics. The color is beautiful, there is no streaking or orange color, and no smells. They will even train you how to use your machine and how to build a business if you decide you want to. That was a no-brainer and sold me even more!!
I know a lot of people are happy with their self-tanners, and if so, ROCK on!! For me though, this was a perfect solution.
So, if any of you decide you want a spray tanning system for personal use or you want to spray some friends and family and start a little side business, go check out their website: or You can also call the owners at 770-922-3890 (Ask for Krista). The owners are 2 stay at home moms that have a passion for teaching and helping women feel beautiful, inside and out. They will treat you like family and help you get started. They even agreed to hook my readers up with a discount!
If you mention my name or the blog, they will give a $25 discount off of their Basic Package ($499: includes machine, pop up tent and 1/2 gallon solution), a $50 discount off their Essentials Package ($699: includes everything from previous kit plus another 1/2 Gallon solution and a fan and filters), or $75 off of their Business Kit ($999: all of the previous items + brochures, 3 carrying bags, signage, accessory kit, and an extra upgraded gun). If you'd just like to get a spray tan from a Golden Sol representative, take a look at the website: and go to "Locations". They have about 80 locations around the southeast and these are all people that have been trained by Golden Sol, are using Golden Sol products as well as using the same you know your tan will look the same anywhere you go!
I am LOVING it so far!!!!!!
aaa 003
Laura and I are rockin’ our spray tans here…..going on 8 days!! (completely unedited picture- I’m too lazy to edit!) During those 8 days post-spray, we both worked out several times, have taken several showers (okay, she took more than I did I’m sure) and even went swimming! Still lookin’ good right?? AND I love that it looks so NATURAL!! You can’t even tell it’s not the ‘real deal.’ It’s a no-brainer!!
Rockin’ that spray tan for date night…
And a before and after: (Please ignore the crappy lighting and the fact that' I’m wearing my retainers in the second picture- I know, the more you learn about me, the cooler you think I am, right?) Also, keep in mind this after is ONE WHOLE week after the spray tan! I’ll post another picture after I get my next one…
k 010k 035
Hellllllooo. TAN!!!! I’m looking forward to having you year round now!


Anna Catherine said...

I'm going to put some serious thought into this. I love my spray tans, but they get really pricey. This looks like a good alternative.

Kara said...

WOW! I am seriously considering getting one as well! I quit sun tanning 5 years ago and have become an avid spray tanner but this could save a LOT! Thanks for posting... and also thank you for friending me on MFP! love your blog!!

Ashley P. said...

It's so funny reading this -- I just asked my husband YESTERDAY if he would mind spraying me if I invested in a machine. He owns an industrial painting business and is also a pro with a spray gun. ;) I am definitely going to look into this company! I've never had a spray tan, but I know I've got to quit the sun tanning!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

So interesting! I have never done the spray tan thing, but worry about chemicals etc. I still enjoy the sunshine, but slather on the sunscreen and try to not burn. I agree, the tan gives such a healthy glow. You're looking fabulous--you should model!!

Spray Tan New York City said...

I can't believe how much of this I just wasn't aware of. Thank you for bringing more information to this topic for me. I'm truly grateful and really impressed.

Unknown said...

I have had a spray tan from Aviva labs before. They are one of the best in the business. She makes you feel comfortable and is a total professional. I understand that Spray tanning is not for everyone, but with the realities of skin cancer it certainly is a safer option to baking your skin.