Saturday, June 2, 2012

I miss my house.

We are still not back in our house from our flood all the way back on April 22nd!!
The Lord definitely provided and gave us a perfect place to stay, and for that I am truly thankful. And I’m also thankful we have a home, it is still standing, and it wasn’t worse than it was. But it is still really hard to be out of your home for that long. 
 It’s still going to be a little while longer too, because they had to bust the granite countertops when trying to get the cabinets out. That means a few more days to make and install the new countertops. And then we begin the “moving back in” and unpacking process. Goodness, I am dreading that! But I’ll be so happy to be back home, I’ll suck it up and do it like a champ!

You would not believe the number of people who think it’s AWESOME our house flooded because we’re getting new floors and countertops.  ?? I think it’s tough to understand unless you’ve been through it. I am all about looking at the positive in a situation, and that is a positive for sure out of this whole stinky circumstance…but we really loved our home EXACTLY the way it was. Really. We loved it 100%!!!!  We are just SO beyond ready to be back in there. This whole situation, dealing with the insurance company, documenting everything, and not being in our HOME for over 5 weeks now has been tough. Stressful. And to top it all off, Jon’s transmission went out a couple weeks ago. Fabulous. At least the Lord has been preparing us for trials.

I did want to show you this though….something super cool! There are Scriptures posted on the framework all throughout our house. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! I love knowing our house is blessed and there are Scriptures written throughout.
Here are a few:
A 001A 002A 003
SO looking forward to being back in our HOME soon!!!


Kate said...

Hope you can get back home soon! I feel the same way about our home! We love it! Love the scripture touch!

Morgan Neal said...

your house it beautiful!

Danielle said...

I have been thinking about you guys and this situation over the past couple of days. Stinks you're still out, but glad to hear it's almost over! It's super stressful when dealing with insurance, good for you in trying to stay positive - it's too easy to let the little things in life turn into big upsetting events. In a few months you'll look back and it will feel like this was forever ago :)