Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back to NORMAL LIFE & Dinner with Friends!

GREAT news over here in the Butler world!
spring break 066
Jon FINALLY has his truck back from getting his transmission fixed! Hallelujah! It’s been driving both of us crazy for him not to have it because so much of what he needs for work (tools, etc.) is in his truck. And my workout gloves are in there too, so I haven’t had gloves in the gym for the past few weeks. Hello, calluses!! (Yes, I really am that cheap that I won’t go buy another pair of $10 gloves….I prefer to think of it as being a good steward!) Haha, I know….not having my gloves isn’t quite comparable to him not having his tools, but still….
AND…Our house is FINALLY ready to move back in….(Well, it’s not 100% ready, but hey, we are going to make it work!) We’ve got new floors, were able to pick our new granite countertops (very similar to what we had before), and got to choose the paint colors throughout several of the rooms that had to be repainted. (Thank the Lord I married a handyman/painter who can seriously do everything!) Big Jon is also using this time to add some beadboard in our half bath and paint our master bathroom & pantry (coral! yay!!!). Can’t WAIT to see it when it’s all completely finished. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the custom wood work and those details throughout our house!! It’s EXACTLY what I pictured in my home, but didn’t think we would be able to afford. God is good and way exceeded our expectations.
For the most part, we stuck with very similar colors. Ha! Funny how that works, huh? Just goes to show I wasn’t kidding when I said our house was 100% perfect the way it was and I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to change. I’ll post pictures when it’s all said and done.
As excited as I am about having this work done and having our house in even better shape than before,  can I just tell ya how much I strongly DISLIKE making decisions like that?? (I was the same way about my wedding. I hated making decisions!) Am I the only one who is like this?? I LOVE to decorate and creativity is one of my strengths, so I feel like I’m pretty good at it…but as far as designing the major stuff, that is SUCH a headache to me! I was so thankful our house was already put together and more than we could have imagined when we bought it. I’d probably have an anxiety attack if we ever decided to build and had to pick everything out from scratch. I admire people who do that and enjoy it! We are both super indecisive (for different reasons), so that makes it tough to make choices! Personally, I cannot visualize how something is going to look and I don’t have the patience to take my time and research and try different things- I just want it DONE! Jonathan, on the other hand, is extremely meticulous and wants the very best of everything, so he wants to do tons of research and determine the BEST possible solution.
Anyway, it’s close. PRAISE the LORD!!! The flood happened on April 22nd, so we’re going on 8 weeks here that we have been out of our house. We are both pumped to be moving back in ASAP and have life restored to “normal"!”
My stud of a hubby decided to cut the grass to get it ready for us. I sat on the front porch swing and watched him the whole time…what can I say, it’s a pretty good view!
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We decided to go to dinner with our friends to celebrate the good news.
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Check out our spray tans! Going on 2 weeks now…still look pretty good, huh? Post to come on the spray tan machine!!
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The boys are adorable!! And they always match!! Ha!aaa 006aaa 007aaa 008

There is a new (delicious) seafood restaurant up the street, and with the gorgeous weather on Saturday, we decided to hit it up and eat on the patio. TOTALLY felt like we were at the beach!!
To top it all off, there was a fabulous sermon this morning in Sunday school about the foundations of marriage. I always love learning more about how to be a better wife, and reading the Scriptures in Ephesians 5 confirmed we are on the right path with our marriage.
LOVING this weekend!!! Hope yours has been just as blessed!!


Kate said...

So happy for you! Welcome home!!
I hate decisions! When we moved we had to buy a house that required very little decisions. We painted and it took me forever to decide. Nursery design and registering for a child gave me so much anxiety!! Thankfully I had great friends and family that gave me amazing suggestions!

Morgan Neal said...

So happy for you to be moving back into your house. CAn't wait to see pictures!!

Nikki said...

So happy for you guys! I seriously do not know what I would have done if I was in your situation! I can only imagine how good it is to be back home!