Wednesday, October 26, 2011

When I Grow Up….

I am a business education teacher in a middle school, and I focus on career exploration & technology with my students.  When they first come into my class, they all pretty much want one of the following careers:    
       doctor, lawyer, professional athlete, interior designer, wedding planner, video game designer, vet, marine biologist, or crime scene investigator
I think it’s so important that they be exposed to different options and know what’s available to them!
  Throughout my life I have wanted to be a….        

1. TEACHER. Duh. I played school hard core as a kiddo….made schedules, worksheets, nametags, graded papers- the whole shebang. Way to make all your dreams come true, Danielle.

2. News broadcaster. I practiced a lot in front of our video camera at home (seriously, we have dozens of home videos of me reporting made up events) and on the Cedar Hill Elementary School News Broadcast.  I think I missed my calling.

3. Dentist. This one was short-lived in college when I realized I HATE science. And I didn’t want to be in school for forever. Yea, that was a fail.

Now, after being in the big girl world for a little while, I think I would make an excellent….
STAY AT HOME MOM. Except I don’t have any kids.  (Yet.)

So, here’s my new list.  I think I would like to be a yoga instructor, a children’s book author, or a professional grocery shopper.  Yea, I made that last one up, BUT, I know lots of people HATE going to the grocery store. Wouldn’t it be cool to hire me to come to your house and go through your frig and pantry with you and help you analyze your food choices? Then I could talk to you about how to eat more healthy diet and go to the grocery store with you to help you make smarter choices. I can even do all your shopping FOR you if you prefer!

 I think it sounds brilliant….what do you think??

What did you want to be when you were little???


Anna Catherine said...

I wanted to be a vet from Kindergarten to my senior year in high school when I ended up working at the vet office in the small animal part, and decided if there was any part of my career that was going to have to involve dogs and cats, I was out!!
I ended up being an accountant, but when I grow up I want to be a teacher (high school or college), a business owner, a farmer, and a mom. I think I'm going to fit it all in!

Britt @ Chicago Runner Girl said...

when i was little i was quite the dreamer. i always said that i wanted to grow up to be a tree, and my family still teases me to this day about this. i don't really know where that idea came from, but i have always liked trees and find beauty in their leaves. plus, i've never been a follower so maybe that was my way to go against the grain :)

Mama’s Minute said...

We so could have made a great news team - you being the broadcaster and me as the weather girl. Now, over to Danielle Butler ... Thanks, Dana Doss! haha!! It's funny how parallel parts of our lives were! I guess that's why we are best friends!

Ragan said...

I have always wanted to be a stand up comedian. Couldn't you see me doing that? First I have to be a dog groomer that owns her own business!

*Butler, Party of 4* said...

LOVE it!! It's so fun to hear what other people wanted to (to still want) to be when they grow up! ;)

Anna Catherine- I say GO FOR IT!! And share some of your veggies when you become a farmer!

Britt- Hilarious! Definitely the most random thing I've heard, but unique! Good luck with that...haha!

Dana- duh! You have the perfect weather girl name!! Can't you just see us? Maybe it's an idea for our next video!!

Ragan- TOTALLY!!! You missed your calling!! I can forsee your dog grooming business giving you lots of "material" for your stand up...ha! Michael gives you a pretty good bit too, though. "upside down exclamation point"