Monday, October 31, 2011

Celebrating with Laura!!

Laura’s mom invited Jon & I over on Saturday night to celebrate Laura & Clay’s birthday with them.  Elaine ALWAYS cooks up a feast, and she certainly didn’t disappoint for this birthday dinner- a low low country boil! I got to enjoy my top 5 favorite foods!! Shrimp, salad, double doozie cookie cake, s’mores, and apples!!
Check out Elaine & the spread she prepared….
Crafts 001Crafts 003Crafts 010
Big Jon was excited to get his grub on!!
(Especially considering that we’d eaten boiled chicken & veggies the last 3 nights in a row!)
Crafts 002
Of course Laura & I were more excited about the meal than anyone….duh! (Fat kids at heart…) We really needed bibs.
Crafts 004
Clay & Jennifer were happy the DAWGS won!!
Crafts 005
Brian & his ‘ole lady’….haha!!
Crafts 006Crafts 007
Like mother, like daughter. You know what that means, Laura! We expect some “feasts” from you in the future!!
Crafts 008
Double doozie cookie cake~ YES, please!!
Crafts 012Crafts 013Crafts 014Crafts 015Crafts 020
The birthday girl & birthday boy!!
Crafts 022
We LOVE birthday fun!!!
(And crab legs, of course!!)

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