Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Anniversary Weekend!! Friday & Saturday…

Our actual anniversary is October 2nd, but we decided to wait and celebrate with our little mountain getaway during my Fall Break.  I have SO been looking forward to this much needed time of rest, relaxation, and quality time with Big Jon.
After work on Friday I headed to beautiful Lake Lanier Islands for a 14 miler with Laura. Last week's 20 mile run was brutal for me, so I was thankful I had a good run. I headed home to shower and pack, and off the hunny and I went to Dahlonega. We decided to spend the night with the in-laws to spend some time with them and hit up Gold Rush Saturday am without the dreaded traffic.  We ate dinner with Donna, my MIL on Friday night, and enjoyed having her to ourselves for a little while.  I love when she tells me stories about her and Jimmy while they were dating and Jonathan as a little guy.
Saturday morning we walked around the Dahlonega Square for a couple hours before leaving for our trip.
Jonathan is not a big fan of Gold Rush, but I LOVE it!  I got the cutest necklace!! (I didn't take a pic....this is from the website...)
Chunky hot pink and white pearl necklace
We stopped by his parents one more time before heading to the mountains....
And off we went...
The leaves were changing and it was an absolutely GORGEOUS drive up!!
Jonathan hates for me to ask people to take our picture....he gets so embarrassed!!! I don't mind asking others at all, but I just make sure it's someone I Jonathan can outrun in case they try to steal our camera and run off with it!! Ha...I always offer to take other people's picture if it is a group or couple because I know most people feel awkward asking others.
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The hotel was brand new and really nice. 
Fall Break 061Fall Break 062Fall Break 063Fall Break 066Fall Break 097Fall Break 098Fall Break 099Fall Break 101
We unloaded our stuff, checked out the hotel, and walked to dinner at a little Italian place.  It was listed as one of the top places to eat in Gatlinburg, but we weren’t super impressed.  We did, however, meet a precious little couple celebrating their 55th anniversary!!!  We chatted with them for a little while.  Her advice to us was “respect one another, cling to each other during the hard times, and don’t wait till you’re older to travel the U.S.”  They were precious. She left us a little note on our table with a wink as she walked by and told us she had ‘good vibes’ about us.
Fall Break 060
After dinner we headed back to the room and enjoyed the fireplace in the room while we watched a movie. It was SO nice to just relax with my hubby!!


Anonymous said...

What a great, relaxing anniversary weekend! Cute necklace too! That is so sweet, I love her note and I agree 100% with her! Happy late Anniversary :)

Unknown said...

Sounds like such a beautiful weekend. And those pics are gorgeous. I love the way Autumn looks.

Avery Jane said...

Can I cry over that sweet little note? So sweet.

Jamie said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!

I love going to the mountains :)