Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our ONE Year Anniversary!!

I'm sure everyone is just dying to know how we celebrated our 1 year anniversary!!
We really had the BEST weekend!!!  Honestly, it could not have been more perfect.

We are going away for a few nights during Fall Break, so we decided to take it easy at home this weekend.  Mama & Daddy swung by the house for a few minutes on Friday afternoon so we could show them our wedding album (that JUST came in one year later!). We always enjoy visits with them!!  I made dinner and we snuggled on the couch Friday evening.  We got in bed early so I could get in my long run Saturday am. (Post about the 18 miler, my PDR, to come...)
We did some cleaning when I got home Saturday and planned a last minute dinner with some sweet, dear friends.  Olive Garden was DELISH!! Of course we had a mini photo shoot and lots of laughs when we got back home. 
 We enjoyed some of our gorgeous cake- to die for!!  Their 2 year anniversary is next weekend, so we thought we'd share. :)
 Dana checking out some deals online for our next trip together! We already can't wait!!
And the anniversary couple!!
 Open those eyes, Big Jon!!
 I look Asian with my eyes closed....
After Ryan and Dana left, we decided to open gifts.
Did you know that the big 1 year anniversary is the "paper" anniversary?? 

Well, it is. And Jon apparently knew that too- cuz he reads my blog. Yea. Do your hubbies read your blogs too, or is Big Jon the only closet blog reader??
{I secretly  really love that he reads it and says things like "Great post today, babe."}

We decided not to do "real gifts" this year. We are going on a little mini getaway to the mountains in a couple weeks, and I found a suh-weet Groupon deal for a couples' massage that I'm going to book for us ASAP.  Other than that he hooked me up with the gorgeous flowers....
and I filled his truck up with a full tank of gas.  Sounds random, but he drives a big truck that is a total gas guzzler and is almost always on E, so he totally appreciated the gesture.

I know, still technically spending $, but not going way overboard like we typically do.  And we did make something for each other for the "paper" part....
I wrote 100 reasons I LOVE Jonathan on little pieces of paper and folded them up in a mason jar.
He LOVED it. 
 I mean LOVED!!!!!  He read them all aloud to me, and may or may not have gotten a little emotional. 
 Just being honest here...
I'm not very good at praise.  I will tell everyone else how much I love Jon and all of his great qualities, but I don't tell him very often.

I really need to work on that.

So, this meant the world to him. He must have told me 100 times how perfect this was and he couldn't have asked for anything more. And he meant it.
 Gosh, I love him.

And then he gave me my paper present. I didn't take any pictures because it would have ruined the moment.

He wrote me the sweetest letter, AND, my favorite part....

Everyone who's been around my teaching knows that I love to use acrostics. So, in honor of that, he wrote an acrostic out of my name and a few things he really loves about me.  He hates to write, so all this writing really took a lot of time and effort.  The letter was personal, but I thought it'd be okay to share the precious acrostic he wrote for me....

D- Doing way more than you should for me
A- Always adorable (especially in the mornings- for real my fave)
N- Never stopping, very, very hard worker, always on the go
I- Intelligent- so creative and so smart
E- Excitement I get from thinking of you
L- Love. So so thankful fo the way you love me.
L- Lying down. I love taking naps with you.
E- Eternally thankful for you leading me to the Lord. Now we get to spend eternity together!

*We both may or may not have gotten a little bit emotional while he was reading this to me. Seriously, how can you read that last line and not??

Sunday morning we woke up & got ready for church....I found my hubby on the back porch, brushing his teeth. Ha!  I know he was just getting some of that cool, fresh, Fall air!! Are y'all loving it as much as we are??
In Sunday school, Brian asked Jon to open us all in prayer. Jonathan closed with "And thank you Lord for my beautiful, beautiful wife."  I seriously turned about 10 shades of red....I was so embarrassed!! All the kiddos were staring at me and everyone was cracking up.  Honestly, I was just glad he didn't say "Thank you for my smokin' hot wife" like he usually does when it's just me and him!

We had a GREAT service this morning, then came home for lunch and a nap, and then headed back to church for homecoming celebration and some volleyball.  Yep, we share an anniversary with our fabulous church- pretty neat.  Anyway, I'm incredibly competitive and believe in no mercy, so I put on some serious gear to let everyone know I meant business....
Ready to kick some tail.
Supposed to be my game face, but looks more like a kissy face....
who knows?!?
We came home and watched our wedding video.....such GREAT memories of our fabulous wedding day just a short year ago.  And then I had to go blog about our wonderful weekend for all my lovely friends and family to read about. :)

Feeling SO blessed and thankful today for the wonderful man God chose for me. 

Looking forward to many, many more years with my loving husband and best friend.

Happy anniversary, babe!
 (Yes, I know you're reading this, and yes, I will take out the part about you possibly getting emotional if you're embarrassed.) :)


Tracey said...

Danielle I just love to read your blogs, in years to come you are going to look back and be so happy you are a "blogger" I wish I has something like this when me and dad were young.
You and Jonathan are so blessed and it shows in everything you two do, keeping God first WOW what a WONDERFUL life yall are going to have...
I know God is going to bless you with lots & lots of great memories to write about,love, mama

Kelly Ford said...

Precious! I'm so glad you enjoyed your weekend celebrating a great first year... one down, a lifetime to go :-)
Happy Anniversary!

Emily said...

it's SO fun to try to do the traditional gifts each year...its SO sweet that you both got emotional like that, really adorable! makes me miss being newly married! SO glad you enjoyed your weekend celebrating one year!!!!! love you!!!!

Kae said...

Happy Anniversary :)

Unknown said...

ah so adorable girl :) happy anniv and so excited for you two! what lovely gifts and so emotional and personal! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy (a little late) Anniversary!! Sounds and looks like you guys totally enjoyed every second of celebrating, as you should! Just wait, when you have a kiddo, the time flies even faster!! Enjoy the time with just the two of you. Glad ya'll had fun! -KIM HARNER-

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

You two are so sweet!! I love your gifts for each meaningful & perfect. I really enjoy your blog!! Happy One year & many more to come!

Jamie said...

Awwww I loved y'alls gifts to each other! So sweet! We try to do a little traditional gift each year too :)

Stephen, Natasha & Tucker Lane said...

Missed ya girl! :) But I'm back now! :)