Friday, October 21, 2011

Comin’ Home….

Am I the only person who insists on making the bed, putting away all laundry and dishes, and coming home from a trip to a perfectly clean house? I just LOVE coming back home & everything being neat, put away, and fresh.  Don't you??

Anyway.  Guess what Monday was?  Yes, the day we came home from our anniversary trip....but also my hubby's BIRTHDAY!!! Yep, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Big Jon! (He's inching up on 30- so crazy!) I woke up early to go on a 5 mile run around Gatlinburg while I let the birthday boy sleep in.  We enjoyed our last breakfast together, then took showers and hit the road to HOME.  We both agree that we really enjoy travelling, but no doubt enjoy being HOME more than anywhere else.

Fall Break 123

I wasn't done with my obsessive photography quite yet, and the hunny stopped at the top of the mountain so we could snap a few shots. 

Fall Break 136Fall Break 137Fall Break 138Fall Break 146Fall Break 147Fall Break 148

Fall Break 141Fall Break 142Fall Break 143Fall Break 149Fall Break 151

I got a sweet little middle school girl to take our "couple pics" so Big Jon wouldn't be embarrassed.  Besides, youngsters know how to work my apparently "high tech" (?) camera way better than the average adult.  Point, click.  Doesn't seem like rocket science to me, but whatev. No one can ever figure it out.

Fall Break 144Fall Break 145Fall Break 152Fall Break 153Fall Break 154

We really had a fabulous, relaxing time enjoying each other, walking around, taking in the beautiful scenery, and enjoying each other.  He seriously is my favorite person in the world, and we really do fall more in love every day. I remember that I used to think it was super cheesy and lame when people said that, but now I totally get it. 

{Check out these pics from our drive home….they just make ya feel FALL…love the colors!!}

{Fall Break 173Fall Break 124Fall Break 125Fall Break 127Fall Break 129Fall Break 130Fall Break 131Fall Break 132Fall Break 155Fall Break 156Fall Break 157Fall Break 158Fall Break 159Fall Break 167Fall Break 169Fall Break 172

LOVE ya BIG JON!! You tha man! 

SO thankful that I married the best man in the world...

P.S. Big Jon's birthday post to come....


Leah @ Everyday Love said...

Beautiful pictures. Your hubs is a trooper, I'd have to beg mine to stop and get pictures, let alone stop and take pictures of him!

Jamie said...

Glad y'all had fun! All the colors are beautiful :)

Emily said...

the colors are SOOOO pretty!!!! i wish we lived closer to the mountains!!! makes me miss Gainesville ;) glad yall had a great time together!!!!