Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday Funday: BFF time!

I signed up for the Athens Half Marathon about a month ago without realizing it was on a Sunday. Boo!! It was the perfect mileage for my long run and I wanted the race experience before Savannah, but we didn’t want to miss church.  $70 down the drain!!  I will NEVER sign up for anything again without being certain of the date! (It said Oct 22-23…I just assumed it was a Saturday!)  Uhhh, don’t you hate when you do stuff like that?  Okay, maybe it’s just me.  Oh well, lesson learned!! (A $70 lesson…)
Anyway….I ended up having an AWESOME Sunday!  Church was unbelievable…Don’t you just LOVE those Sundays when the Holy Spirit is ALL up in it? It’s truly indescribable.  After church we had brunch with our BFF’s the Doss’s @ Cracker Barrel.  We always share lots of funny laughs and stories…we really love our time with them (in case you haven’t picked up from how much I always rave about them on the blog!). 
They gave Jon & I our AWESOME birthday gifts, too! Of course they couldn’t have been more perfect and we both LOVED them!  I also picked up Emily’s gown….can’t wait to send it to her and get some pic to show it off! Mrs. Mary did GREAT- SOOO cute!!
{Jon thought the pink tissue paper in the bottom made for an “artsy” picture…Bless his heart; I’m rubbing off on him!!}
After brunch Jon dropped me off at Barnes & Noble to meet my lifelong BFF Chelsi for a cup of coffee and quick catch up. It was SO good to see her & hear about what’s going on with her!  It’s cool that we are both in the same place in our lives right now (newlyweds getting settled in our first homes) & can relate on so many issues.
I go to church with a few of my other best friends, so I really got to see them all in one day (except a few who live further away!)!!!….Am I spoiled or what?!?
What a FUN Sunday with my BFF’s!!!!


Emily said...

can't WAIT to see the gown!!!
love chelsi's bangs!!!!!

Mama’s Minute said...

I can't WAIT for Em to see the gown either! I love it!! I was also going to make the same comment about Chelsi's bangs . . . SO CUTE and HER! :) I loved our brunch. It's always nice to spend time with our BFFS!

chelsi tullos said...

thanks Dana!. I love them :)So glad we got to hang out Danielle. Love you and miss you.