Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday Funday!! Crafting & Food Preparation

Sunday started with some awesome church services and brunch with our lovely friends the Ivey's at Cracker Barrel afterwards. I love that I always feel so refreshed, uplifted, and encouraged after leaving church!! And this whole brunch at CB with friends is becoming a little tradition....who's next??

Every Sunday I go to the grocery store and prepare my food for the week….
That means boiling LOTS of eggs (I eat three or four boiled egg whites every morning) & chopping up LOTS of veggies for a jumbo salad that will last me through the week.  I also made some muffins for my honey…he loves them & I thought he deserved a Halloween treat on our cute little plate!
{Thanks, Pam Autrey!}
Crafts 023Crafts 024Crafts 025Crafts 026
We also stayed up way too late “crafting.” Yes, I officially have the BEST husband ever.  I already knew that, but he further confirmed it when he helped me craft for hours last night.  We had a blast!  Jon set up a work station for us in the basement & we turned the radio on and went to town.  He was so helpful & everything turned out SUPER cute!! I would LOVE to post pics, but then all my friends and family will know what they’re getting for Christmas!
I guess I can give you a little preview of some of my practice experiments….
Crafts 033Crafts 036
Hope you all had a WONDERFUL Sunday!!

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Leah @ Everyday Love said...

Sounds like a fabulous Sunday!