Thursday, October 20, 2011

Anniversary Weekend!! Sunday….

We woke up Sunday morning and enjoyed the hotel’s delicious breakfast. We headed back to the room and watched church on t.v. before heading to the hotel gym. We got with it in the gym….it’s Wednesday and I’m STILL sore!!  I know most people think it’s crazy to work out on vacation, but we really enjoy it and like that it doesn’t have to be so scheduled. AND, we like to make more room to enjoy all the yummy eating places. 
After the gym we got ready to head over to Pigeon Forge for the day.
{Yes, I know the flash does not do great things for my shirt…}
Fall Break 064Fall Break 065
We I LOVE the Apple Barn!!!
Fall Break 068
Fall Break 070Fall Break 072Fall Break 073Fall Break 074Fall Break 075
I have lots of great memories from there from when I was little, and their apple fritters with apple butter are to die for!  This is something worth splurging on fo sho, and I have to admit I’m a little disappointed I only got two. 
Fall Break 076Fall Break 078Fall Break 079Fall Break 080
I really think Jon is SO over my picture taking now that he just acts as ridiculous as possible….and it CRACKS me up!!!
Fall Break 082Fall Break 083
Fall Break 086Fall Break 087
Fall Break 084
We decided to play a “friendly” game of putt-putt after lunch, and by friendly I mean extremely competitive.  I like to win, and I usually do.
Fall Break 088Fall Break 089Fall Break 090Fall Break 091
We walked around the shops and enjoyed the PERFECT fall weather!! I mean, perfect.  Don’t you wish you could bottle up those perfect weather days and enjoy them all the time???
Fall Break 092Fall Break 093Fall Break 095 - CopyFall Break 096
When we got back to the hotel we decided to walk around downtown Gatlinburg for a while before dinner. The place we stayed was right along the river, which I loved.  And downtown Gatlinburg definitely makes for some great people watching!
Fall Break 104Fall Break 105Fall Break 106Fall Break 107Fall Break 108
We wanted to eat our “anniversary dinner” at the Peddler- an AWESOME steakhouse that my family has gone to for years.
Fall Break 109_picnikFall Break 110Fall Break 111_picnik
We decided to walk to dinner, and thankfully for me poor feet in heels the restaurant was close to where we were staying.
Fall Break 112Fall Break 113Fall Break 114
The food was as FABULOUS as I remember.  They have a killer salad bar- DUH, my favorite part.
Fall Break 116
And the cool part is that they come around and let you choose which piece of steak you want- then cut it in front of you.
Fall Break 117Fall Break 118
I’m not a big red meat eater…I don’t think I’ve had a steak or burger since I was in middle school.  I tried not to let this gross me out. I am just not much of a meat fan in general, but I know they are known for their steaks. We ordered a NY strip and rib eye with stuffed shrimp, and they even cut all the fat off for me (gross! how do people eat that??).
Big Jon said the most precious prayer before dinner…I had to seriously get myself together before I lost it. Awesome, two nights in a row at dinner I had a major lump in my throat. The sweet little lady from dinner the night before got me all sentimental, and Jon’s prayer was icing on the cake. I held it together like a champ though….
Fall Break 115Fall Break 119
He said it was the best steak he has ever had!!  I definitely had to agree (even though I’m not sure if my opinion counts because I’ve only had like 3 steaks in my whole life to compare it to).
Fall Break 120
It was DELICIOUS!!!!! And since they were out of stuffed shrimp, they hooked us up with a free dessert instead. Fine by me!
Fall Break 121
We had a GREAT dinner and walked back to the hotel to enjoy our last night.  What a wonderful day in the mountains!!

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Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

I love that you had such nice weather for your getaway! You two are just too cute. :-) Your outfits are so adorable as well. Happy Thursday!!