Tuesday, May 1, 2012

House Update: God is Providing!!!

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This isn’t even half as bad as it was with fans/dehumidifiers/drying equipment EVERYWHERE!!!  They started pulling the floors up yesterday. It looks SO weird in there with raw wood exposed and NO furniture! It’s sad.

Have I ever mentioned on here that I have a slight touch of OCD? It’s not anything that requires medicine or anything, ad it doesn’t rule my life….but I do get a little anxious when things are out of order. Everything has a place. In my home, my car, on shelves, on my desk. I like all the cans/bottles/food/vitamins/shampoos etc. to be evenly spaced and label facing front. I also like all the pillows in their place. And clothes in the closet are organized by color and sleeve length, on the same type of hangers, facing the same direction, and evenly spaced. Did I say slight? You can imagine this is absolutely crawling all over it!!! I’ll be SO THANKFUL when all is back to NORMAL and everything is back in it’s place!

I do have a praise though….of course! God is so good and faithful!

He provided us with the PERFECT place to stay during all this!!! It has been SUCH a blessing and we’re so thankful for our precious neighbors who are opening their full, finished basement (with a kitchen) to us so we can be close to home. If we can’t be in our home, I’m thankful to be where we are!

Even in trials, the Lord is trying to teach us something. He wants us to seek Him and draw closer to Him. He will never leave us nor forsake us. He has plans to prosper and not harm us.

Even when your world is turned upside down and feels chaotic, remember who is in control.


Always Learning said...

What happened? Did you get flooded? Don't worry...children will heal your need of having everything perfect!;)

Melissa said...

Everything you stated about your "slight touch of OCD" is exactly me!!! I was laughing when you said labels need to face out, bc I just nagged Ryan about turning the bread bag around in the fridge so you can see the Ezekial label. My closet is the same way too! When I look at Ryan's closet it drives me NUTS!!!!

Kae said...

I love your saying at the end. I am def needing to remember that right now....