Sunday, May 13, 2012

“Under the Sea”….Happy Birthday, Carsyn!!

We do parties pretty big in my family.

I love it because I think it’s important to make people feel special on their birthday!! My mom is absolutely a creative genius & she always plans the coolest themes for parties (and it’s all original- she’s pre-Pinterest)!! I love that she does it ALL herself and doesn’t spend a ton of money either. She creates a lot of her own decorations, makes her own cakes, and creates her own favors.

A couple months ago we had a fabulous “Princess Party” for my niece, Gracie!! It was AWESOME!!!


My sweet niece Carsyn just turned 6 and we had the best time celebrating at her Under the Sea party!!!

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Happy Birthday, Carsyn!!!!

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~Katie said...

This is so cute and creative! I used to be a huge Little Mermaid fan when I was younger!