Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Health Inspiration–This is a MUST READ!!


Do what you gotta do to get it in. It is absolutely ESSENTIAL to your health, well being, body functioning properly, weight loss, etc.

And a little more scientific:

I also love this visual about muscle vs. fat!! (This is why so many people are surprised to hear how much I weigh!! Jonathan too.) This exact visual is why I am not overly concerned about my weight, but more about how my clothes fit, my physical fitness, and how I look/feel.  I have a lot of muscle, so I might look “skinnier” than someone who weighs the exact same as me (or even less) but does not have as much muscle.

This is also why BMI is not always an accurate indicator of health. Jonathan & I are both on the line for “overweight” range for our height, but our body fat percentages are very low, and all of our health numbers are excellent.

PCB_2010_1392011_91Honeymoon 219

{If you were to go on BMI alone, we are both considered overweight. Do we look “overweight” to you??}

Muscle weighs more than fat, but takes up less space!This is also why it’s important to lift weights and not do just cardio alone. Cardio is great for you, & it’s awesome for getting your heart rate up, burning some calories, and keeping your cardiovascular system healthy. However, when you finish with your cardio workout, that’s it. Your body ONLY burns during the actual cardio workout, which is why strength training is so important!

Weight bearing exercises (lifting weights) increase your bone density and helps speed up your metabolism!! When you lift weights, you’ll develop more muscle, which in turn torches mega calories throughout the rest of the day! Your body continues to burn calories long after you finish your weight lifting session, so you’ll be burning more fat and toning up for a more lean look. Although you want to incorporate both weight lifting AND cardio into your fitness routine, I STRONGLY encourage strength training 3-5 times a week.

Check out what Mayo Clinic has to say about it:

“Strength training exercises, such as weightlifting, are important because they help counteract muscle loss associated with aging. And since muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does, muscle mass is a key factor in weight loss.”

If you still wanna know more, Dr. Oz explains in this video that muscle burns 50x more calories than fat!! And this, my friends, is the true key to weight loss and overall fitness!

And check out these two fun links of the day!!

QUIZ: Are you in SHAPE??

7 Fat-Fighting Breakfast Recipes

P.S. If you’re rushed for time in the mornings, I STRONGLY recommend the meal replacement shakes!!

Meal Replacement Shake

  • They are DELICIOUS!!! (chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla) I look forward to mine every morning!
  • You can add berries, bananas, natural peanut butter, etc. Put it in the blender and it tastes like a MILKSHAKE!
  • They are the perfect 1:1 combo of protein & carbs, which means it is the PEFRECT meal to start your day! It’ll keep you feeling full.
  • It will JUMP START your metabolism!
  • It’s quick & easy! No more excuses…(you can get a shaker cup from Wal-Mart for $6 and drink it on the go with ice and cold water!)
  • If you break down how much you’re spending on your breakfast and morning snack, it ends up being about the same cost!!

Let me know if you want me to hook you up- Here is a link if you want to know more! (And you can always e-mail me so I can help you get a 20% discount!)

Learn more HERE!


Holly said...

You are far from overweight! You look great. Thanks for all the tips :)

californiadreamin said...

Great post and you and your guy are the definition of fit!

Morgan Neal said...

So if im trying to be healthier and loose weight.. Should I do just cardio for a while and then start weight lifting or both in the beginning. I've heard so many different things! HelP!!

Lauren said...

You are wonderful! Love your posts. Simple, encouraging words! Has really motivated me to get my butt into gear!! xx