Thursday, May 24, 2012

Devotion: Checklists to Peace

As I was flipping through my devotion book this morning to get to today’s, one from a few weeks ago caught my eye that I must not have read. It spoke to me so deeply that I just had to share.  I feel like my life has been made up of daily checklists for the past month and a half, and I am exhausted!! I SO needed this reminder today.

Do not search for security in the world you inhabit. You tend to make mental checklists of things you need to do in order to gain control of your life. If only you could check everything off your list, then you could relax and be at peace. But the more you work to accomplish that goal, the more things crop up on your list. The harder you try, the more frustrated you become.

There is a better way to find security in this life. Instead of scrutinizing your checklist, focus your attention on My Presence. Moreover, I will help you sort out what is important and what is not, what needs to be done now and what does not. Fix your eyes not on what is seen (your circumstances), but on what is unseen (My Presence).

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~Katie said...

I seriously teared up reading this, it's exactly what I needed to read after today. Love this post!

Holly said...

Thank you so much Danielle for posting this. I've had such a stressful week and this is the exact message I feel God wanted me to hear. Isn't it crazy how God puts the little things(blogs included) in our lives to touch us? Have a good weekend!