Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hydration Tips: Sweating & Sports Drinks

This is for all my fellow runners/ avid worker outers…..Coaches (and coaches wives- SHARE this with your hubby!)…Athletes…Fitness enthusiasts of all kinds….And moms with kiddos that play sports.
(Please consider buying a reusable BPA-FREE water bottle!! Or at least recycle the plastic ones…)
We all know that when we sweat and work out, it is extremely important to be well-hydrated in order to perform well and for overall health’s sake. It’s even more essential as the temperatures are rising and summer is upon us. Dehydration is no joke….it’s scary business!!! Here in Georgia, we have had SEVERAL football players pass away because of heat strokes and dehydration during summer workouts.
[It’s no secret…I’m a SWEATER!!!]
After our Miami Marathon, we saw a lady suffering from dehydration and it was awful…she was in bad shape (and I don’t mean her fitness condition).
Here’s the deal. When we sweat, we lose water, salt, and other nutrients. Water is a critical element of the body, and up to 75% of the body's weight is made up of water. However, we need more than just water.
When significant amounts of fluid are lost through high-intensity exercise, replacement with water alone can lead to a chemical imbalance in the body and deficiencies in electrolytes, which are nutrients critical for organ functioning. The electrolytes in our body include sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and phosphate, but sodium is the substance of most concern when replacing fluids lost through exercising.
Gatorade & Powerade are two of the most popular sports drinks to rehydrate. The problem is, they are lacking lots of essential vitamins and nutrients, and are full of sugar and empty calories. Several of our middle school kids turn to Gatorade and Powerade as their drink of choice, even when they’re not sweating or exercising (hello extra calories and obesity). Although I do agree it’s a better option than soda, I do not believe they are the best option, and a lot of times, they are not used for their designed purpose. Even the “zero” options with no calories are filled with artificial sweeteners.
One of my very wise “friends” Lori, wrote this post about an alternative that can be made at home. (I’ve never met her, but I LOVE her blog and all of her words of wisdom…I definitely look up to her.) Very refreshing! Check it out HERE!!!
Another great option I am loving is a product called Rehydrate.
Check out this chart. And if you can’t see it, there is a link below…
I LOVE Rehydrate!!!
It is delicious, and you can tell from the chart why it’s so beneficial for you body at restoring electrolytes.
I use it myself and give it to my hubby (he works a physical labor job, outside, sweating his tail off!). I also ordered some for my nephews to drink during marching band camp (SO stinkin’ hot!) and my other nephew who plays baseball in college. Oh, and of course for my dad because he sweats so much when he works in the yard and push-mows his grass.
All of our high school athletic teams use it as well. The booster club buys it for them and puts it in their coolers for practices, games, meets, matches, etc. I think parents and coaches are beginning to understand the importance of being well hydrated and the results it can have on these athletes’ performance and health.
It comes in three flavors (grape, fruit punch, and mango pineapple) and you can buy it in pouches to put directly in a water bottle, OR in a canister. To me, it’s a no-brainer.
They also have an awesome new product for endurance athletes- I can’t WAIT to try it!! Definitely worth looking into for my runner/biker/triathlete friends!!
Let me know if you want to know more or want to find out how to get a 20%-4-% discount). If you’re interested in purchasing some… can e-mail me ( or buy it directly from this LINK (you can just search for me by name and city (Danielle Butler, Oakwood, GA).
Stay HYDRATED, friends!!!

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