Monday, December 19, 2011

And these are a few of my favorite things….(Favorite Things Party 2011)

I loved being the hostess for the favorite things party!!  I had everyone bring a yummy snack to share, so it wasn’t really too much work. (Big Jon knocked out a major honey-do list before the party for me. I have the BEST husband.)

We had LOTS of delicious food….

Fave Things 001Fave Things 002Fave Things 003Fave Things 004Fave Things 005Fave Things 006Fave Things 007Fave Things 008Fave Things 009Fave Things 010Fave Things 011Fave Things 012Fave Things 013

Here’s how we played:

We had every guest choose a gift they love under $7 and buy 4 of them, then bring them to the party all wrapped up. When guests arrive, have them write their name on 4 slips of paper. We passed around the names and each drew 4 (making sure you didn’t draw two of the same names or your own name). Then we went around the room and each person handed out their gifts to 4 names they drew. After all gifts were passed out (still wrapped), we went around the room one by one and told about our favorite thing and why we chose it. At the point, the four people who received the person’s gift who was explaining got to open.  It was nice taking our time and opening the gifts one by one so we could all ooh and ahh over it.

Fave Things 024Fave Things 025Fave Things 026Fave Things 027Fave Things 028Fave Things 029Fave Things 030Fave Things 031Fave Things 032Fave Things 033Fave Things 055Fave Things 034

And all of the lovely guests with their goodies!!

Fave Things 035Fave Things 036Fave Things 037Fave Things 038Fave Things 039Fave Things 040Fave Things 041Fave Things 042Fave Things 043Fave Things 044Fave Things 045Fave Things 046Fave Things 047Fave Things 048Fave Things 049Fave Things 050Fave Things 052

My gift was a little goodie bag that included:

The E.L.F. shimmery palette- LOVE it!!

The lip gloss to go with it…

And, a CLIF bar! Haha….

Thanks for coming, ladies!!  Hope you all had as much fun as I did!

“And these are a few of my favorite things….”

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P!nky said...

Stopping by from eightsixeleven! Love the favorite things party, that is SUCH A GOOD IDEA! I will be 'borrowing' it for next year.

Can I just say how gorgeous you and your hubby look in your header!?!?!? So pretty!

I'm your newest follower, happy christmas week!


Unknown said...

such a fantastic idea!! I really want to organize one of these with my group of friends...Maybe to start off the New Year!

Sam W. said...

what an awesome idea for a party! love the look of that spread.

Holly said...

I love your party idea! It sounds like a blast. And the food! OMG I so should have crashed your party haha. Glad it was a good time :)

Faith said...

ahhh, looks like so much fun! and the food, yummy, get in my belly!

have a great week!

Bailey said...

My friend and I hosted this type of party over the summer it was a blast. I think it will be fun to do with recipes!

Mama’s Minute said...

You won the giveaway over at Now You're My Whole Life!

Kim Harner said...

How fun is that? Looks like it was a great time had by all! I'll have to remember this for next year! Merry Christmas!!!

Becca said...

Can I do you get your pics to line up three in a row?

*Butler, Party of 4* said...

Becca- You HAVE to download Windows Live Writer!!! It is THE greatest blogging tool ever & will upload your posts directly to your blog. Super fast & SO much quicker/easier than Blogger!! :) (Only downfall is they don't have it for Macs...)

Unknown said...

Well Danielle I have got through 2010 and 2011 in one day! (I do work a 9.5 hour work day) and I did break the no internet after 9pm. You and Big Jon have been the highlight of my day! God Bless you! Looking forward to meeting you in 2012!! Who am I kidding I'll be caught up and meet Sweet Baby Jase tomorrow!