Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Marathon Training Update

Yep, I’m still training for my second marathon in MIAMI at the end of January!!  I just realized I haven’t posted about it much, so here goes…(I know this post is probably really boring to non-runners, and maybe even to runners, but I like to ‘journal’ about my progress.)

{I like my summertime “running clothes” better because they can double as “everyday clothes.”  If you don’t care what you look like. And I usually don’t.}


{My new winter running wardrobe? Yea, not so much. I don’t put tons of effort into glamming up, but I’m not trying to scare people.}


I’m on week 4 of 11…only 7 to go!! (Math genius, I know…) I’m using Hal Higdon's Intermediate 1 Program but with a little tweaking since I just came off another race and already have a base built up. 

One thing I have been good about is listening to my body.  If I need to cut mileage or take a rest day, I do. 

One thing I have NOT good about is pushing myself on a regular run. I can get with it on a hill or track workout, but I I like to stay in my comfort zone on regular runs. I need to get over that.

I ran 10 miles on Saturday and have ran 5 every other day this week (except Saturday….the day of rest!).  This Saturday I have 16 miles, which is the longest run since the marathon

My knees have been more sore this go round, and I have been lifting some (2 days a week….that counts, right?) this time as well. I do legs once a week, early in the week, so I can keep my stabilizing muscles strong.  I still need to stretch more though. And do more yoga. ( I REALLY miss hot yoga, but it’s just so far from my house since we’ve moved.)  WHY can’t I make myself stretch or do my yoga DVDs?? 

I eat the same breakfast every.single.morning. and I LOVE it. 5 boiled egg whites & 1/4 cup of steel cut oats with cinnamon and flaxseed. (On mornings I run, I only eat 2 egg whites and save the other three for after the run.) 


Oh, and I started alternating my tennis shoes every other day because it keeps them from wearing out as fast, AND I have read that it takes a full 24 hours for them to reshape to their original form where they will provide the most cushion and support.

And my FAVORITE recovery drink ever…chocolate milk!!! It is always on my grocery list and how I help control my sweet tooth.  I am SO, SO glad I discovered the benefits of chocolate milk as a recovery drink, because as cheesy as it sounds, I really look forward to it the whole run.  My favorite is…

Well, there’s my update!  Now here’s a little running “Pinspiration!”

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Sam W. said...

not boring at all!! sounds like you're doing great and fueling well :)

californiadreamin said...

Your bfast sounds bomb dot com! I have the same 4 egg whites, half a piece of whole wheat toast w/spinach and my hubby always turns his nose up at it. Says Im too boring, ha!

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

I don't know why I've been forgetting about oatmeal...duh, I love it! I just had hubby buy me some almond chocolate milk yesterday (I don't drink regular milk), so I'm hoping I like it and I won't gag. I was allergic as a kid, so I never just drink a glass of milk.

bnfunky said...

GOOOOOO, you!!!!! Keep up the good work! I want to try and train for the river fun in Florida so bad. I am NOT a runner at all, but you are getting me motivated!

Savannah said...

Love this post! Sounds like your training is going very well. I am considering training for a half ... Or maybe a full beginning in January. I will be visiting this post for ideas, especially that breakfast line-up!

Christy said...

Are you on Great motivator. :)