Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday!

I didn’t have a very good Monday or Tuesday, so I need this today to help me refocus on all the positive things going on around me.  Every once in awhile you just have to give yourself an attitude adjustment, ya know? Today…

I’m LOVIN’ that I ran my 8 miles this morning before school, even though it was raining drizzling.  Thank you, endorphins, for brightening my mood!

I’m LOVIN’ that tonight is “Family Night” for the youth at church. Such a sweet time for families.  Our youth pastor asked me to say a few words, so I’m gonna try out a couple of my lame jokes on them.  At least one person will be laughing fo sho- so what if it’s me.

I’m LOVIN’ that the hubby & I got in a kick booty workout last night at the gym. And that we’re seriously considering moving our membership to another gym that has classes. I need some kickboxing, body pump, and yoga back in my life! {Check out this BodyPlex promotional video….I’m in there somewhere throwing a mean right hook….around 28 sec and again around 2:47…..see

Taken a couple summers ago….

I’m LOVIN’ that I am through with all of my Christmas shopping! Feels good to be done, son!

I’m LOVIN’ that my parents are coming to hang out with me Saturday morning. YAY!!!

Weekend 026

I’m LOVIN’ that I only have seven more work days after today. I revel in my career choice this time of year!

I’m LOVIN’ that Emily had sweet Brittlynn and both mama & baby are healthy and doing well.

I’m LOVIN’ this guy….Ah, be still my heart.  {Seriously, I am madly I love with my husband.}

Crissy & Jay 008

Happy Wednesday, my friends!!!



The Bases said...

Way to run your 8 miles this morning! Congrats to your friend on her sweet baby!!

BlueEyedBarbie said...

yay for positivity!

Katie said...

Ahh, I am seriously happy with my decision to work for a school system right now, too :) Here's to a brighter finish to your week!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along girl!

I've got a few more gifts to buy then I'll be done!

I know your week will be better because you know next week is the last week before a great break!