Saturday, December 10, 2011

Super Saturday: New Christmas Décor!

This morning I ran 10 miles through the hilliest neighborhood ever.  I mean, these hills made me think profanities in my head…and I don’t even cuss.

I was supposed to run 15, but I was bored. Cold. And a little lonely. Since my parents were coming over, I  decided to just cap it at 10 and plan to run 5 tomorrow to make up for it. 

Mom & Dad came over to hang out for a little while and bring me some goodies while Jon & one of his best buddies, Zack, hung Christmas lights.

Here are the newest additions to my Christmas décor:

chr 001chr 002chr 003chr 004chr 011chr 012chr 013chr 014IMG_2815[1]

And the boys outside doing what men do (with some help from my niece):

chr 006chr 007chr 009chr 010YAY!!! Check out our new swing!! Facing the lake….gorgeous view!!chr 018chr 019chr 020chr 021chr 023chr 024chr 025chr 026chr 027chr 028

All done! Finished product:

chr 022chr 039chr 041

I just love my sweet parents to pieces!!

chr 030chr 031chr 032chr 035chr 036

Thanks for helping, Zack!!

chr 042chr 043

We also enjoyed a nice little dinner @ Olive Garden- my fave! Then headed home to blog snuggle on the couch.


{Yep, rockin’ the hat…you know what that means! And no, not that I’m super stylish.}

I LOVE weekends.


Gail@Sophisticated Steps said...

Hi! Found you from Hanna's blog. :)

Okay. The first line of this post cracked me up. Traffic in my city almost makes me do the same. ;) I'd say running does but...
1) I don't run.
2) There are no such thing as hills in Miami. Ha!

Love your Christmas decor. Come to my house next? Please? :)

Left you a comment over at Bouffe e Bambini!

Elena said...

I love your blog. I like you are a real princess and your life is a fairytale.

Anonymous said...

Awww, I love the decorations! (And I'm totally in love with your hat!!). :)

Ragan said...

Very cute...Mama is lookin' skinny!

stephanie said...

you are too cute. love your decorations!

*Butler, Party of 4* said...

Y'all are too sweet.

Elena, girl- thank you for the compliment. I definitely have a great life and can't complain, but it is FAR FROM PERFECT for sure!

Faith said...

loving your Christmas decor! so pretty!

and you ran that many miles ... girl, you are my hero!

Anonymous said...

Love the decorations! I would never have thought to hang balls outside like that... I like it a lot!

Diana Amy said...

Your home is so beautiful!! That view is to DIE for!