Saturday, December 17, 2011

Don’t Let me borrow your headphones….and Refuel with Chocolate Milk!

I want to start off by saying this….You can tell by reading any one of my blog posts how ridiculously, madly in love I am with my hubby.  However, something about all three of his alarms going off every 3 minutes for 45 minutes before I have to wake up makes me want to punch him in the face (and I mean that with looooove!) Haha…but fo real. Can we not just set it at the actual time we intend to get up??

I woke up around 7 and headed to meet Crissy for our longest long run yet since my last marathon.  Only 6 more weeks till the next 26.2!

We ran a half marathon + a 5K….or 16 miles; however you wanna look at it. We kept it just under a 10 min mile pace, and this was no doubt THE longest I’ve ever ran without ANY music.  Not by choice. I broke my headphones….again. Seriously, I don’t know what I do to them, but I go through more headphones than anyone I’ve ever met. I have to buy a new pair every 3 months or so. Anyone else have that problem??  Just me? That’s what I thought. Dang.

Crissy offered to let me borrow one of her extra pairs, but I turned her down since I’m notorious for ruining them.  I guess I’ll have to add this to my Christmas list. Maybe Santa will hook me up with a non-breakable pair in my stocking.

ANYWAY, where my new runners at?  If you’re new to the running world, you have to invest in two of the greatest inventions ever….Seamless sports bras and Body Glide. I use to get some serious business chaffing around my sports bra line (I’m talking brutal cuts underneath my boobs that burned like CRAZY in the shower!) but thankfully this problem is now solved. Once you start running longer distances, you’ll notice chaffing in some places you didn’t even know existed….so Body Glide will become your new BFF.  Both run about $10, so get some.

And now onto some fun stuff.  Everyone knows about my obsession with chocolate milk as a recovery drink that started last year.  Great news- I’m a Refuel with Chocolate Milk grant finalist!!!!! Seeing as how my “fitness hobbies” are becoming quite expensive, I know my hubby would LOVE if I won to offset some of the costs of my endeavors.  I am running my next marathon in Miami at the end of January, and beginning a whole new realm of fitness training (I’ll blog about it soon) in February. Very exciting stuff, except for my pitiful little bank account. SO, you can help me out by going and voting TODAY (and every other day will January 15th).

Click HERE and search for Danielle Butler. I am the only loser who didn’t put an “athletic” picture on my profile. Hahha….ahhh, I’m such a dork! I’m sure that means everyone will look at the picture of Big Jon & I from our anniversary dinner and assume I’m not an athlete and not vote for me.  So, please help a sister out & cast your vote- it only takes a second, I promise!!  (Trust me, I know because I voted for myself….further confirming my “I’m a loser” status.)

And here’s a random fact….(goodness, I have noticed in my recent conversations that I begin a lot of sentences with, “I know this is a random fact, but did you know….” Am I turning into ‘that girl?’ Yikes.)  So, I know this is a random fact, but did you know that women become more clumsy around their menstruation? 

I guess that explains why I dropped my hubby’s whole plate of leftovers from my Favorite Things party (which was a total success- post coming soon!) last night when I was trying to put it in the fridge….and then cried about it. Haha…

What is your favorite "running discovery” item??

Have you noticed you are more clumsy during your time of the month?

Does your hubby’s alarm make you want to punch him in the most lovingly way possible?

And of course, did you vote for me in the REFUEL WITH CHOCOLATE MILK grant???


Mrs. Pancakes said...

How excitng....congrats lady! And I need to check the chocolate refuel out..we just did our 7miles today and it felt great but honestly after 7.5 I'm probably going to need something to finish the run! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

aaah congrats thats so exciting. i just voted you for you. (how did you get involved with that)

I dont have a hubs but I set 3 alarms 2 minutes apart to make sure I get up

and I get the same chafe right under my boobs and amen to the crazy burn

C Mae said...

Where do you buy the majority of your work out running apparel at? any specific brands over others?

Carley said...

1. Anything Under Armour is my absolute favorite. It is too expensive, so I get cold gear stuff from Santa and warm gear for my birthday in March. I am seriously counting down the running days until Christmas. I am in need for some new pants.

2. I ran a half marathon in April. I just registered for my next one in March. I am reading all of your tips so please keep them coming!

3. BC wants to punch me in the face... I never get up with my alarm. I am the guilty one!


Christy said...

I need to try that anti chafe out. My poor under boob. Do you have a gps/Garmin? It's not really a "running discovery," but I would die without it.

Christy said...

Oh...and is a great motivator!

*Butler, Party of 4* said...

Yes, chocolate milk is the BEST recovery drink....go check out some of the benefits!!

I LOVE my Garmin too!!

And I like Under Armour and Nike the best for my running gear. I wear Aasics and SmartWool socks too. :) The best. I try to get them at the Nike & UA outlets so they're cheaper...Otherwise I get them at Dick's Sporting Goods when I have a coupon.

Anonymous said...

My husband also sets his alarm for about 45 minutes before he ever actually gets up. It is annoying...but usually I'm already up so it's not that big of a deal.

My favorite running thing is probably BodyGlide for the aforementioned chafe.

Anonymous said...

My husband also sets his alarm for about 45 minutes before he ever actually gets up. It is annoying...but usually I'm already up so it's not that big of a deal.

My favorite running thing is probably BodyGlide for the aforementioned chafe.

Mrs. Chris said...

I'll def. go vote for you! I'm a new reader and I LOVE YOUR BLOG! My favorite gear is Nike tempo shorts...only on sale or with coupon from Dick's. We live in Charleston, SC so I don't have that much cold weather gear. CONFESSION: I am unfortunatly the one in the relationship that sets 3 alarms (mine are 30 minutes apart)!