Thursday, December 1, 2011

Get Fit in Cooler Weather

Remember how I told you I signed up for another marathon in January?  Well, I have been totally unmotivated to run since the last one. I’ve enjoyed lifting weights, but this cold, rainy, gloomy, weather and time change has made me want to stuff myself with all kinds of comfort foods and snuggle on the couch instead of lacing up my Aasics and hittin’ the pavement!

This week I ran 8 miles before church on Sunday (which was actually my long run for the week before, so it doesn’t really count towards this week), ran a hill workout (see below) on the treadmill on Monday, lifted weights on Tuesday, and took Wednesday off.  So, technically I’ve only ran about 4 miles this week. NOT ENOUGH to get myself marathon ready.

I decided this was morning would be my morning to get my act together and get back outside.  My friend Crissy sent me this link with reasons to run outside, but I didn’t even need to read it to know why running outdoors is so great. I had a GREAT run this morning. I bundled all up in my dorky camo cold gear pants, ski socks, Under Armor turtleneck, hat, and sweatshirt and headed out for a 6 miler.  I felt SO good. I’m so happy I have already knocked out 6 miles. I got to spend some quality time in prayer during my run. I feel energized, happy, and in an overall good mood.  I have already accomplished more this morning than I do most days, and I haven’t even had any coffee yet!  Running is awesome, and running outside is even better!! (Yes, this is coming from ME- who has her seat warmers on year round & is BFF with her electric blanket and space heater!)  I’m glad I now feel motivated again.

Here is my advice for staying FIT in this cooler weather!!

1. Work out first thing in the morning or immediately after work. If you’re like me, it is really hard to get motivated after I’ve already gone home and not that it’s getting cold and dark so early.

2. Find a workout buddy (my hubby is mine!) for accountability.  They will keep you moving when you wouldn’t ordinarily do it on your own.

3. Find some “lightened up” recipes for typical comfort foods we like to eat in cooler weather. I like this site for yummy low-cal recipes!

4. Drink your water!!  I don’t drink as much in the cooler weather because I do not feel as thirsty. I keep a water bottle with me everywhere to remind me to stay hydrated! We all know the many benefits of water.

5. Bundle up and get outside!  The cool weather is actually quite invigorating!

6. If you’re anti-going outside, get some workout DVDs to do in the comfort of your own home.  If you and all your girlfriends buy one (they are less than $10 on Amazon), you can trade them out daily or weekly to keep it new and exciting.  Also, that muscle confusion will be good for you. And then you have no excuse not to work out…If you can turn the t.v. on to watch your shows, you can push play on the DVD player and knockout a quick workout first.

7. As always, eat a good breakfast. Oatmeal & egg whites are my ole' trusty.

8. Get enough sleep! This is easier for me with it getting dark so early. Life seems to be a little slower, and we start winding down earlier now.  However, I need to have a “no computer after 9” rule for myself to I will get in the bed. As much as I love staying up to read your blogs,  I have to get in the bed at a decent hour so I can wake up in the morning to knock out my runs!

Hope you found some useful tips!!

What do YOU do to get motivated in the cooler weather??

Hill Workout on Treadmill:

1 mile warm-up at 1% incline, 6.4 mph

6 .x 25 mile laps at 5.5% incline, 6.0 mph

40 second recover at 6.0, 1% incline recovery between each lap

2 minute cool down


The Bases said...

Great post! I live in Texas so our winters are perfect running weather. Our summers are miserable. My dog is my motivation! :)

Anonymous said...

I have SUCH a hard time staying motivated to work out in cold weather... but I just invested in a gym membership so hopefully that will help. :)

Anonymous said...

My biggest motivation year round is being signed up for a race and having a training plan. (I'm training for my first marathon in April right now.) My other biggest motivators are my two dogs who LOVE to go on runs and have LOTS of energy. I have to take them out anyway - so I figure I might as well run! And it definitely helps to wear the right clothes. Being cold is no fun!

Thanks for sharing your tips!

Savannah said...

SO many things you posted spoke to me! I'm totally a year round seat warmer, despise cold-weather girl. I MISS running, but HATE running in this weather. Any tips on what to wear? My hands and face always freeze!

And no computer after nine? Totally need that rule. I can blog away a night without even realizing.

Congrats on your run and staying fit even in this weather! You inspire me!

Sabrina @ Radioactive Runner said...

I hear you about having to dig deep to find that motivation in the winter. Sometimes, I find it so much more difficult to get motivated to get out for a run, with all the snow, layers etc.. but afterwards it always pays off!