Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tea Party Bridal Shower for Chelsi!!

We had the most wonderful shower for Chelsi this weekend!! A girl from church gave me the idea a while back for a tea party theme with big Kentucky derby style hats and lots of southern food, and I just HAD to do it! It was precious!!!

Meet the bride: Chelsi! Chelsi is one of the friends I've had the longest....we met in 6th grade and were inseparable throughout middle and high school.  We went to different colleges but maintained our friendship despite the distance.  She was a wonderful maid of honor in my wedding, and I am privileged to return the favor as matron of honor in her wedding this May.  She and Chad make such a great couple!  I think he compliments her really well & provides a perfect balance to make the relationship work.  Doesn't she look great? She has really trimmed up and looked smokin' in her shower dress!!
I am super fortunate to have Mama & Aunt Terry around to help me pull off all these showers & parties I have. I love to be a hostess, but the food planning aspect of hosting an event is beyond stressful to me. Mom was SUCH a huge help!!  I made some decisions about the menu, and she made it all happen!! She's unbelievable. Check it out!
This "Baptist Punch" recipe I found was delightful...I'll post it later!
The homemade pimento cheese & crab stuffed mushrooms were the crowd faves!
I think it's all about the DETAILS! We had framed pictures of them all around the house to decorate...And check out the super cute plaque mom had made for her & Chad on the mantel.
 Gifts....the best part!
 The rockin' cake- delish!
 Party favors...filled with Chels' favorite types of chocolate!
The early bird arrival....(so glad she got off work!) Chels' fellow bride-to-be friend, Miss Emily.
And meet the rest of the guests:
Chels with her sweet mom, April. Isn't her outfit perfect with the hat? It completes it.
 It was great to see our friend from high school, Meghan! She borrowed a hat & loved it so much she tried to take it home with her!
 Emily again!
 Chels with Chad's sweet sister, Kristi. We missed his other sister, Angel, who had to work. :(
 I love Chad's mom Tammie....doesn't she look adorable in her hat?
 And now with the hostess with the mostess (help from her mom & Terry- ha!)...
Enjoying the yummy food....
 After we ate we opened gifts. Chad answered several questions before hand, so I made Chelsi answer a question correctly before she could open a gift.  It took awhile and a lot of clues...! She said Chad did a great job answering questions about her and he knew the answers about her better than she did!  By the way, everyone did a GREAT job buying gifts for her even though she didn't register.
Emily knew exactly what she needed for her kitchen! And I learned what a "tart pan" is...ha!
 So excited to get her food processor from Mrs. Tammie!
The moms!
Picture frames & tupperware from my sis, Steph! (P.S. Big mistake giving her girls the bubble wrap in the middle of the! It sounded like a war zone!)
Beautiful platter from Chels' future sister-in-laws!! 
 Asking the tough questions...
The great tray from Emily Parker....(we missed you!)....everyone loved it!
Personalized mugs from my mom. :)
 SO excited I got her the knife set!!!  Yay, I did good!
 Some books I bought her. A MUST READ for all women: Lies Women Believe & the Truths That Set Them Free (Nancy Demoss). Also got her a marriage workbook, 5 Love Languages, a dessert cookbook...
 And an apron! So cute!! It's my favorite gift to give new brides...
I had another game in mind with the questions. :)  Chelsi had to answer questions about Chad this time....his favorite color, movie, biggest fear, dream, etc.  She had to chew a piece of cinnamon gum (it gets really hot when you put multiple pieces in your mouth at one time!)...and she ended up chewing LOTS of gum that day! Good thing I got sugarless....
 Everyone was able to participate in the "Famous Couples" game. I called out the male half of 30 famous couples....and the guests had to write down the wife's name.  Some examples? George Washington, Cliff Hucstable, Barney Rubble, Hans Solo, Antonio Banderos, Romeo, & Will Smith....just to name a few!
 Lots of concentration going on here...
 Check out Emily's thinking face....haha, cute.
Meghan's hat is crackin me up!
Doing a little better with this game. 
 And the winner was:
EMILY with 24 correctly matched couples! 
And Kristi & Tammie tied for second place with 22.
 They received cute stationary & notepads from "shabby chic" as their prize.
 Thumbs up from Tammie!
  So what's next? Well cake, of course!
Chels cut the cake....and it was as yummy as it looked!
 I was really pleased with how everything turned out.  Everything went so well and we had a blast. :) I am thankful I had an opportunity to shower my best friend with  the love & gifts of her friends and family to show her how much I care about her.  I hope she's feeling more like a bride now! Won't she make a lovely one??  Happy Bridal Shower, Chelsi!!!


Rissy said...

wow! you really are the hostess with the mostest.
She looks gorgeous, and this is the first time I'm seeing your fabulously shorn locks. I love it!

I can't wait to be in another wedding... I'll have to steal some of your awesome ideas!


Emily said...

LOVED all the hats!!! Looks like it was a blast and I hate I had to miss it but I'm glad the tray was a successful present ;) Everyone and everything looked beautiful! Wish I could have seen Megan too - gah it's been AGES!!!!

Tammie said...

Danielle you and your "helpers" hosted a fabulous shower for Chelsi. Kristi and I had so much fun and it was great to get to see/meet everyone. Chelsi is truly blessed to have a friend like you.