Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feelin' a Little Random....

*Revival is over and it was AWESOME!!!  (I'm a little sad it's over, but I do have to admit I am glad I can actually have a real dinner again. Subway for 4 nights in a row got a little old.) It totally got me pumped up to share the Gospel with others.  Hello, friends, we are a light in a dark world! We are called to share the gift of Jesus with others!!!

*I am dying to go to the movies! It's on eof my fave date nights, and we seriously have not had time! Maybe this weekend??

*I'm going bridesmaid dress shopping VERY soon for Chelsi's wedding! YAYY!! This will be my first time being a "matron of honor."  Can't wait!!

*I really love CANDY & used to have a major addiciton, but I haven't had any in a long time.  However, I DID get introduced to golden Oreos over the weekend....we had a little love affair (it was bad- real bad). 

*I haven't worked out since LAST Monday! No, not like 3 days ago, Monday, like 10 days ago, Monday! So much for MARCH MADNESS!!  (But, I did say I wouldn't be so hard on myself! So that's okay, right?)  Speaking of NOT working out, did anyone else's hips grow when they hit their mid 20s? It's like my body is baby ready....(maybe my mom & siblings are ready for me to have some Baby Butler's too, but as for me and the hubs, we're just enjoying all the baby-makin' practice!! Ha! is that TMI?) ;)

*I need a pedicure. Desperately.

*We showed Jon's March Madness commercial at FCA this morning.  Brian (a P.E. teacher here, our middle school youth pastor, & a good friend of mine & Big Jon's) told the kids the man with the afro was my husband.  After the video, a 7th grade girl walked up to me and said "I bet you have your hands full with him." Lol! How old is she, 30?  That's something an adult would say.  Hysterical!!

*Speaking of Big Jon, my goooooodnesssss he is FUNNY!!!  I almsot peed my pants last night laughing at him.  He does all these hysterical voices/impersonations.  Last night was half Russian/half Hispanic....I dunno, but it was funny. I wanted him to let me video so I could share with my bloggin' buds, but he wouldn't let me.

*God answered a big prayer for a friend last night. I'm so thankful; and He's so faithful.

*I need a VACATION in my life! Like, last week....(NO vacay days in Feb or March from the Jan snow days is KILLIN' me!!)

*My mind is SO ready to decorate a house. Ahhhhh!!!!!!  I can't even look at the Nester's blog right now cuz my anticipation becomes almost uncontrollable.

*Jon learned this song on the guitar & we've been practicing....I feel like I can sing it really well bc it's in my range.  (Can I sing, you ask? Well, not exactly. I did take singing lessons in elementary school, but they told my mom we should 'hold off bc my voice would change so much during puberty.' Aka: I'm not very good.  Too bad. I always felt like I have star quality!)

Hope you're having a beautiful Thursday, lovely followers!! :)

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