Monday, March 14, 2011

Do you love rap?

Why not listen to rap with a good message?  I just totally think Christian rap is where it's at. The hubs and I are totally diggin LaCrae right now....their newest c.d. "Rehab" rocks! Check out these catchy! Happy Monday!!  (P.S. I only have 8 more Mondays with students...till summer!!  Yeaaa!! Are you jealous?)

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Anonymous said...

hahaha!!!! omg i'm so not tryin to be a blog stalker or nothing like that right now,but ummm i just had to post a comment!!!!i love that song "i used to do it too!!!!" it's soo cool and catchy with a great beat and message! btw your right christian rap is so much cooler then that nasty rap!! i should most defintly start listing to them more often!! :) que!!:)