Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mom & Dad celebrate 40 years!!

We couldn't celebrate on their actual anniversary, but this past weekend we were finally able to celebrate my amazing parents and their 40 years together!!!!!!  I feel SO blessed that God handpicked me to be a part of their family. My mama & daddy are some of the most generous, loving, giving people I know.  They have stuck it out through some tough times (where many others would have given up). I am so thankful my parents honored their covenant to God and have set a Godly example that you do NOT give up on marriage, no matter what.  They have taught us to have faith and perservere despite challenges.  I truly believe God has blessed them and will continue to bless them for their hard work.  Unfortunately in today's society people do not honor the marriage convenant and understand the seriousness of making vows to God, and I am so thankful for wonderful parents who have taught me that.

SO, to celebrate we went to Dante's Down the Hatch in Atlanta.  We've been dying to try it because we love fondue!!  (I have to be honest....I like Melting Pot better, but it was definitely a cool atmosphere.)
It absolutely POURED rain on the way there....I was thankful we all made it safely.
Dante's was celebrating their 40th year as well, just like Mama & Daddy!
How cool...both celebrating the big 4-0!!!
Big Jon is such a stud!
 The anniversary couple!
  Eddie & Terry....(our cousins)
 The Newlyweds.... (the hubs & me!)
   My sister Tammie & her husband...this is Greg's constipated face!
 That's better....    :)
 My sister Steph & her husband Jamie....this is his excited face...
 Take two...there we go!
 My brother Big Mike & his wife Ragan...
 Apparently none of my siblings married people who know how to take a normal pic on the first try! Ha! Much better!!
 Dante paid us a visit...he's got jokes!!
 "Happy Anniversary to James & Tracey..."  3 candles, one for wealth, health, and prosperity...
 Feeding each other...
 My favorite picture...
 So cute...
 Cutting the delicious cake Ragan slaved over all day...yum!!  
My parents are the bomb.
My husband is so hot.
What a wonderful night celebrating with my sweet family...."all because two people fell in love."


Rissy said...

love your top! that's a great color of blue.

that 40 year anniversary thing must be a sign you guys were meant to eat at that restaurant haha

I have never been to Melting Pot and SOOO want to go. First guy to take me there, I will probably marry.


Mama’s Minute said...

Cute!! Happy Anniversary! :)

Michelle said...

Aww! Happy Anniversary to them!! I hope to have a long and happy marriage like your parents! :)

Lindsey @ Magnolias and Gobbers said...

Looks like it was a fun & sweet celebration! Happy Anniversary to your folks! They sound like they have set forth quite the example.