Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Responses to the BIG CHOP

SO, wanna know what everyone thinks about the big haircut??  For the most part, people like it. Big Jon LOVES it (he tells me like 37 times a day!).  Here are two of the interesting responses I've received though. 

Michael (my brother): "Got your hair all cut off, huh?"
Me: "Yeah."
Me: "It's a lot easier, and Big Jon really likes it."
Michael: "That's all that matters."


And another from one of my friends at church.
Bradley:"I like your haircut! MAN, it looks SO much better!! (with lots of enthusiasm)
Me: (wondering, 'Geez, did it look that bad before') "Thanks! Better be careful saying that though, what if I decide grow it back out?"
Bradley: "I'll tell ya it looked better short!"


There's no pleasing people.  Maybe I'm just too sensitive??  Lol!


Jennie said...

i love it! but i also loved it long...let's just say you have the perfect face to pull off anything! you are gorgeous! :)

Emily said...

every time you write "Big Jon" I always read it to say "Bon Jovi" and have to read it again haha!!! I love it short in the pics but need to see it in PERSON ;)

Ragan Rainey said...

Ha! Michael has never once told me my haircut looks good so don't feel bad but I did tell him about the blog and he said that he told you that it looked good but you didn't hear him. He wanted me to call and tell you that. He said something nice to you at the rehearsal dinner,what more do you want?

Rachael said...

LOL @ Ragan's comment ;)
And then you have me.... I thought for sure my response would be on here LOL
I guess I am JEALOUS of people who have such beautiful think long hair (I can't get mine to grow out!) that I don't understand why people cut it short !!