Thursday, October 28, 2010

Honeymoon: Day 3

On day 3 we woke up around 8:30 and headed back to Bahama Bay for breakfast.  They had a huge breakfast buffet with lots to choose from.  I did stress a little that there were no egg whites and the french toast wasn't on whole grain, but I eventually got myself together.  The coffee there absolutely rocked! Jon didn't let me down on day 3- He managed to make about 4 trips to the buffet and down some coffee and orange juice like nobody's business.  We got our money's worth!

We headed back to the room around 9:45 for a short nap and decided it was time to hit up the gym.  We checked it out the day before and it was really nice.  The trainer introduced himself to us at the pool the day before too- Jesse.  He was a nut, but we really liked him (even though we couldn't understand him).  Jon & I worked out for about an hour.  It made us feel so much better after all that eating and laying around.  He rode the bike & lifted while I ran on the treadmill and lifted.  I love that we both love to workout & it's something we really enjoy doing together (not technically "together," but we are in the gym at the same time).  We headed straight to lunch after our workout. 

They had a huge salad bar with lots of fresh vegetables and fresh grilled fish every day.  It was perfect!  I don't get how people sat out by the pool and ate chips and salsa and pizza and nachos in the heat; particularly when there was such GREAT food inside.  We definitely made the most of every meal.

We headed back to the room & got pool ready.  We spent a little while reading by the pool, then headed down to the beach for an hour or so.
                          It started to rain, so Jonathan & I headed to the GameRoom next to the pub.
  We played darts, Irish ring toss, & pool.  We were both terrible at pool, but I absolutely stomped him at the ring toss game & darts.  He swore it was cuz my softball background somehow helped (whatever! how??), but I didn't care.  I won big.

When it finally stopped raining there was a gorgeous rainbow outside.  "If ya wanna see the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain."  What a great way to look at life.
Jon & I watched Hitch while we got ready for dinner. 
I finally took advantage of the robes they had for us.
The hat is part of his getting read/hair- fixing routine.
Hey handsome, look this way!
No doubt a honeymoon only dress.....Way shorter than I am comfortable wearing.
   We ate at Bahama Bay for all three meals on Day 3.  I had scallops and Jon had stuffed chicken.  It was GREAT.  By this time, we are making friends with all the staff.  They thought we looked like a famous couple.  Jon was hoping they thought he was Brian McCann, but nope...
(They must have heard us singing....we both have magical voices.....haha)

When we arrived back at our room, out butler had decorated our bed for us.
Haha.... "Can you wait till I get ready to take the picture, please?"
 Are you wondering about the butlers?  We had two, Prince and Stephen. They each worked 12-hour shifts and we had a cell phone to call them any time.  We rarely used them, but they did stuff for us on their own.  They kept our refrigerator stocked, which is a task of its own considering how much water I drink and how much OJ Big Jon drank.  They also made our bed every time we left the room, and no matter how many times we messed it up (a lot!) :) it was always made when we got back to the room. I loved that- it makes the room look so much neater.  Of course Jon became buddies with both of our butlers.  Him and Prince had nicknames for each other..."strong arm"....I know, lame.  And Stephen gave Jonathan his shades.  I didn't pack Jonathan's sunglasses or sunblock, so of course he didn't have either. I refused to pay $30 for them in the gift shop (because I thought we needed a Christmas ornament instead!), so Jon's new bud GAVE him his.  I thought that was so nice. 

Ready for Day 4?


Sprinkles' and Popsicle's Mom said...

I'm ready for Day 4..... don't keep us waiting. It looks like y'all had an amazing time. We always cruise so I've never been to an all-inclusive - we may just have to try it based on your blog :) So glad y'all had an awesome time - love all the pics, keep 'em coming. Y'all are just the cutest couple :)

Tracey said...

"If ya wanna see the rainbow,
you gotta put up with the rain."
I love this saying, how true it is but I will say the rainbow is worth waiting for and sometimes you get to see the double amazing & beautiful that is...

I love that you two dressed the same each day, I have always thought it was so cute believe it or not, dad & I used to wear the same tee shirts with jeans alot...funny lol
ps where are your matching bathing suits...
Love, mama