Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Honeymoon- Wedding Night & the Next Morning

Okay, so I know this is really the one everyone has been waiting for! THE HONEYMOON!!!  We officially started the honeymoon at around 10:30 when we finished taking pictures and left for our hotel.  Our bags were already ready to go in the limo (my family rocks!) with a dinner packed for us from our caterers.  Jonathan and I finally had a few minutes to discuss the day during the limo ride from the train depot to the Ritz Carlton of Atlanta, where we spent our first night as husband and wife!

Jonathan had an awful headache.  Besides the headache and being tired, though, we were both exceptionally pleased with how everything turned out and super excited about the upcoming week in the Bahamas!! 

When we arrived at the Ritz they treated us like we were royalty.  I loved being called Mrs. Butler!  The bellboys brought our luggage up and had made a heart out of rose petals on the bed,
along with a plate of chocolate covered strawberries. Yum! 
Everything was typed out with our name on it. "Mr and Mrs. Jonathan Butler"...Check out Big Jon in his Ritz robe!
The next morning Jonathan and I had breakfast in the restaurant downstairs.  I think breakfast was supposed to be included, but somehow we didn't quite figure it out, and ended up at the really expensive restaurant.  I'm talking $8 coffee here, people.  I decided to go light & cheap with coffee, water, dry wheat toast and a cup of fruit.  My brother was on his way to pick us up and take us to the airport (GREAT idea, as he was able to take Jonathan's tux and my dress back with him) and Big Jon still had that headache, so I called Michael to get us some medicine.  I took my vitamins after breakfast and we headed up to the room to get our bags and meet Michael in the lobby.  I started feeling MAJOR nauseas on the elevator.  There was another man on there with us, and I seriously almost got off on a random floor to throw up.  When we got to the lobby the boys waited on me to go to the bathroom- nothing.  We took the bags outside and while Michael was getting the car I threw up 3 times in a trashcan around the corner.  It was awful.  It was really gross for the taxi driver about 5 ft away from me witnessing this.  I almsot freaked because the stomach bug had been going around big time, but Joanthan reminded me I probably didn't eat enough to absorb my massive vitamin intake, and he was right.  I was fine the rest of the time.

We arrived at the airport about 2 hours early and were at our gate about an hour early. We got a cup of coffee and bagel to share while we waited.  It was precious- we could tell everyone who was waiting were also newleyweds.
They called us and we loaded the plane with all the other honeymooners....and we were off to GREAT EXUMA, BAHAMAS!!!!!

(P.S. I plan to blog about the rest of the trip by day.  I journaled while we there so I could remember what we did, ate, talked about, etc. I will leave out some details, of course.  Enjoy!  And be jealous!)  ;)


Tammie said...

Danielle & Jonathan,

Your wedding day was what fairy tales are made of!! You could just look at the both of you and see so much love for each other! I thought the "lifting of hands" was such a powerful moment and so special!! May GOD continue to bless the two of you and the home you share together!! Remember to always say
"I Love you" to each other and never go to bed angry with each other! A friend gave me and Greg that advise on our wedding day, and we really do try to stick with it (of course there have been times where there was exception to that!! LOL!!)

I love you both!!


Rachael said...

Sounds awesome. SO HAPPY that is was just the vitamins! How awful! I looooove your shirt!! ;) ;)