Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weddind Day: Part 1 (The Day of, Getting Ready, Before the Ceremony)

Here we go!  This whole blog was created for this day, this moment.  To capture memories along the way, to journal about the various events leading up to the grand finale, wedding day.  I decided to break it up into 3 parts- everything leading up to the ceremony on the day of, then the ceremony, and finally, the reception!

I woke up that morning around 9 and ate the same breakfast I eat every day- 3 egg whites, a whole grain English muffin and cup of coffee.  No one was home- I guess Mom & Dad were running last minute wedding errands, so after I ate I wrote my reflection for my Specialist's.  Yes, wedding morning, up until time to go, I was doing HOMEWORK!

We were scheduled to meet at the salon at 12, so Dana came & met me at my house at 11:30 and we rode together. The next 4 hours at the salon were a blast.  Most of the girls ended up getting the airbrush makeup (such a great deal & it looks AWESOME!) & their hair done. I wish we had the day recorded; all the funny conversations, tips, laughs, etc.  My mom got all "did up" too and looked phenomenal! 
 All of the girls, including my sisters, junior bridesmaids, & flower girls, were beyond gorgeous.
 Everything sounds good so far, right?  I did have 1 mini little meltdown.  Let me explain.

I was the last one to get ready.  Who decided the bride should be the last one to get ready?
 Recommendation if you are getting married: get ready somewhere in the middle.  Everyone was done, standing up, & I couldn't get my STUPID fake eyelashes to go on. I was feeling rushed.  Not by anyone except myself of course, because I wanted to be at the church by 4 to start pictures, and here it is 4:00 and I'm not even ready yet, AND I have eyelash glue IN my left eye, burning.  So, I sent the bridesmaids to the church in the limo, finished getting ready, and drove my poor sister & nephew's girlfriend in my sis's car to the church when I was done.  I bet that was a sight! I had my veil and earrings on, fully ready, except in the cute zebra Mrs. Butler towel warp, driving us over to the church in the Camry, crying.'s funny now.  Not so much then.

We arrived at the church & where we all put the finishing touches on getting ready- put on my dress, garter, shoes, sixpense, and Chelsi's sweet angel pin- which I loved! So very thoughtful. 
I also got my handkercheif with my new initials in blue as my something blue from Dana. I have to say all of ther personal touches were my faves- from the showers, to rehearsal, to garters, pins, hankercheifs, mom's dress on the pillow- I just had so many sweet details that others may have missed, but truly made the day a very special one for me.
We took our pictures in the sanctuary and on the back deck, which worked out really well (great idea Em!). 
  I ate an apple...
 & exchanged gifts with Jonathan.  I already knew what he got me (women's intuition).  A really nice camera! YAY!!  He also wrote me a sweet letter and put it in a wedding fram that says "United in Christ," but I was feeling too emotional to read it.  I ended up reading it when we got back from the honeymoon and loved it!  He's so sweet, and I was exactly right- I would have bawled if I had read it before the wedding.  Too many emotions flying around.

Almost ready....a few more snapshots in the final minutes before the wedding!
   Wedding time snuck up on us!  The day didn't fly by as quickly as I expected- probably because so many people had reminded me along the way to savor every moment, and I really made an effort to do that (minus the little breakdown episode!). 

All of the girls walked out and I could hear Claire singing from the back room I was in.  Sounded beautiful- she has such a great voice.  It was a sweet little moment with me and the flower girls, my gorgeous 3 nieces.  They were such "princesses" that divas.  Where do you think they get that from?

It DID seem like a really long time, however, till they called for me to come out.  Finally Dianne (one of my lovely coordinators) came around the corner and called for me to come....and here we are, at the ceremony!

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Danielle said...

Congratulations! All the dresses are so pretty, love the color (and your shoes)!