Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wedding Day: Part 3 (The RECEPTION!)

I began to get really excited as we pulled into the reception site.  The train depot is a gorgeous venue and I couldn't WAIT to see what my awesome vendors did with the place.  The flowers in the shape of our initials on the gates were beautiful and I could tell if that was any insight into how the rest of the reception was going to look I'd be impressed. Somehow our limo driver managed to squeeze that big Hummer through the gate entrance and drive us up nearly to the patio.  We got out of the limo and the wedding party was introduced one by one.  Finally they announced us as husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Butler! I had planned for us to do our first dance as soon as we arrived to the reception, so I asked our deejay to put the music on.  He wasn't quite sure what I was talking about and asked me into the microphone if I meant the "choreographed dance music."  Yes, I did.  Jonathan & I worked for several weeks with Alison from AliCats Dance Studio in downtown Flowery Branch to learn an adorable first dance.  I chose the music and types of dancing I wanted to do, & Alison developed a routine for us.  We have several hysterical DVD's of us practicing and learning.  Even though I had it scheduled on the reception timeline, neither one of us felt prepared.  We were really nervous, but I think it went pretty well (despite the fact that I lost an earring and completely messed up during the swing segment).
  Everyone seemed impressed.  Brian captured it all on his i-phone, so as soon as I get him to put in on youtube I'll add a link.

Next we headed out to enjoy some of the food and greet the guests.  My favorite items on the menu were the banana pudding shots and the ceaser lettuce wraps.  I loved both drinks- the cranberry cinnamon tea and mimosa spritzers.  So many people asked me if we had alcohol in the mimosas...of course not!

Everyone told me I wouldn't remember anything or anyone or any of my conversations, but that is not true at all.  I remember a LOT.  I remember everyone I talked to and what we talked about.

I immediately noticed how BEAUTIFUL everything was. Is it bratty to think it's the most beautiful reception I've ever been to? Haha! Seriously, it was breathtaking! Everyone was loving the photobooth, wishing tree, and slide show.

We all gathered for the toasts, and all three of our attendants did a rockin' job!  I knew Zack would do a great job, but he went above and beyond what I expected. 
He talked about how one of the most special times in his and Jonathan's friendship was when Jon invited him to his baptism.  What a great testimony?!?!  My two girls both did awesome as can check them out on Youtube.  To see Chelsi's toast,
(By the way, how am I ever going to live up to this in her wedding???)  To see Dana's toast,

 click here
After toasting we went immediately into the cake cutting portion of the evening.  First we cut our wedding cut, which was even more beautiful and delicious than I expected!
 I cannot WAIT till they send us our complimentary cake on our 1 year anniversary (not to rush it or anything)!!  Next we cut the groom's cake.
Jon's sister did a really good job decorating it- looked professional.  I know she worked really hard and it meant a lot to Jon that she put so much time and effort into doing that for him.

After mingling for a while longer, we met back again for our parent's dances.  First, my father/daughter dance with my dad to Heartland's "I Loved Her First." 
I have heard it a million times, at almost every wedding, but it's just so true & gets me every time.  Daddy & I chatted through pretty much the whole dance.  Almost lost it one time when he started to get sentimental, but I pulled it together. 
 Jon & Donna danced to the Celine Dion song "Because You Loved Me" for their mother/son dance, and both of them got emotional as well. 
My bridesmaids & some of my family enjoyed a little bit of dancing on the dance floor.  At one point we made a line and partners danced their way down the path- so cute on the video!
After breaking it down on the dance floor for awhile, it was time for the bouquet and garter toss.  Jon got my garter, but like a good boy didn't show any leg (my worst feature!). 
LAURA showed off her b-ball boxing out skills and captured the bouquet,

 so naturally her boyfriend Brian caught the garter.  It was cute watching him put it on her, then Laura proceeded to dance around with the garter on her head as a headband (pics to come!). 
Jon & I were really ready to wrap up the evening, so our remaining guests blew bubbles while the deejay played "Time of our Life"...and then we walked down the stairs through the trail of sparklers.  It was too pretty and too much fun not to do it a couple times, so we ran through it, danced down it, did a Dirty Dancing "lift", and ran through it again. 
 We were sad to see the night come to an end- it was SO beautiful and so much fun.  It was such a relaxed, laid back, and beautiful evening.  Our deejay played the sax, so between that and the candlelight everywhere it set the perfect atmosphere- exactly as I had envisioned.  The kids danced on the dance floor and ran around on the lawn

while the adults enjoyed the extensive dessert buffet, candy station, and photo booth (although the kids loved those too!).

We walked out to "Let's Get It On" and exited over to the train for some pictures. Several signs boldly proclaimed that there is NO CLIMBING ON TRAINS, but we're rebels. I can't WAIT to see pics!

I know it sounds like a fairy tale, and it really felt like one.  I love how smoothly everything seemed to go and that I had time to relax and enjoy the company of our guests.  I loved seeing friends and family, dancing the night away, and enjoying a beautiful evening as Mrs. Jonathan Butler.  It was perfect.

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