Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Honeymoon: Day 1

Our flight landed around 1:30. The airport in Great Exuma, Bahamas was really, really small.  The plane even made a U-turn on the runway.  Of course I had to use the restroom when we got to the "airport" so we were last in line to get our passports stamped.  The lady checking our passports was really slow, so we were the last through "customs."  (Customs consisted of asking us if we had an alcohol or cigarettes.  Baggage was a couple of men tossing our bags through a warehouse door)  Couples waited in line outside and were loaded into Escalades, Tahoes, & Denalis.  As I said, we were last, so we ended up waiting on the final vehicle by ourselves (well, no other American couples.  They were a few Sandals staff members that were going to ride back to the resort with us.)  Our ride pulled up...a grey 1988 Astrovan that had obviously been wrecked multiple times. I am SO mad at myself now for not taking a picture; however, I am excusing myself because I was a little preoccupied during the ride.  I was playing scenarios out in my head and planning how we could retaliate if they tried to take us off somewhere.  Hey- it could happen.  It's funny now, but don't ya think it's a little weird? Last two guests, with several employees (for all we know they could be kidnappers/murderers disguised as Sandals workers), in a vehicle unlike all the others, driving to a resort on a completely secluded island.  Such a movie plot, right?

We arrived (thankfully) at the resort after a 20 minute (felt like hours) ride.  The resort was gorgeous.  We were greeted with a cold rag, drinks, and Bahemian music.  We met one of our butlers, Prince, who carried our bags and escorted us to our room. 
And this is where the magic happened....(they always say that on Cribs anyway)
 There were 2 full bathrooms- brilliant!
 Who needs 2 big screen tvs & a living room? 
 The Honeymoon Suite....
 Our view....
  He gave us a quick tour of the property. 
After we checked it out we were ready to eat. We had a veggie pizza

and chocolate cake for lunch, then took a long nap.  It was raining, so perfect nap weather.

Jonathan was hilarious about the whole "all-inclusive" thing.  He seriously drank like 8 cans of orange juice the first day we were there- I think he was on mission to clean them out. 
It was nice to be able to take our time getting ready- no reservations, nowhere to be at a certain time, no rushing.
Check out my hot hubby showing off his ring!
 We had dinner the first night at the fanciest restaurant on the resort- El Cielo- which ended up being our favorite. 
    I t was Italian cuisine & it was delicious.  I'm not a big meat-eater, and am particularly not a fan of beef, but I ordered beef medallions, which came with mushrooms, asparagus, spinach, and mashed potatoes. 
Jonathan had clam & lobster linguine, but he liked mine better.  You could cut my steak with a butterknife! After dinner you head to another part of the restaurant and choose from a menu of yummy desserts.  Jonathan wanted to order jello, but after I explained to him that gelatto is icecream and not jello, he ended up with a chocolate cake (there are much fancier names for all of these great meals- I should have journaled more specifically. 
I'm sure some people appreciate good food as much as I do and actually care!)  I had some sort of custard with berries- tasted like cheesecake. 

We walked around the resort for awhile after dinner, then headed back to the room to watch a movie & get some sleep.  Ready for day 2!


Rachael said...

It looks empty!

*Butler, Party of 4* said...

haha, duh! i waited till no one was around to take pics...i don't want random strangers in my "landscape" & "scenery" photos....

you are right though, there wasn't a whole lot of people there, which i LOVED! very quaint and quiet.

chelsi tullos said...

Danielle Ive been waiting forever to you to Post, I check Like 5 x a day. But OMG you had me laughing esp with things Jonathan did. Chad acts the exact same way and i think he has called gellato 'jello' before too. Keep it coming.

Tracey said...

You two look so happy!!! WOW what an amazing wedding and the pics
Jonathan looks so happy showing off his ring, cutie, cutie...
I know you both are so excited !!! And I am excited for you too, I know God has great plans for both of you, how exciting!!!
Love, Mama