Monday, May 26, 2014

Jase’s 1st Birthday Party Guests

One of the specific things I pray daily over Jase is that he will be surrounded by people who love the Lord and encourage his walk with God. I am so thankful for all of the people who have had an impact on Baby Jase this first year. Missing a few, but here are some of the sweet friends and family who came to celebrate Baby Jase’s 1st birthday with us. We love you guys and thank you for helping to make it a special memory!!

Lowell & Lori! Isn’t Lori so cute dressed according to the party theme? (You can tell she’s a teacher.) Lowell has been such an awesome mentor for Jonathan & I’m so thankful or that. We just love the Whitmire’s and it’s so sweet how much they both adore babies!!


Our precious neighbors, Emily Claire & Eli! They are always so sweet with Baby Jase. Looking forward to him having them to play with as they grow up. Thank you to Geof for bringing them by. You can tell it wasn’t their first rodeo…they stuck right by his side for cake and presents. EC wanted to take some cake home to her mommy too. Missed ya, Kim!


Sandy & Dave are Jase’s church buddies. He took right to them and just LOVES sitting with them at church. He is always waving and smiling at them. They hooked him up with his very first pool.


The Hall family! He looks like he fits right in with that blonde hair & blue eyes. Love me some Andi Leigh, Coop, & Brock.


He loves Brian and Chels too. Watch out Brian, he likes to smooch Chels right on the lips! He even went in for seconds last time!


Sweet Aunt Tammie, and cousins Zach, Morgen, and Tyler! They love to play with him & are always so helpful. Aunt Tammie was a big help picking up the cake and mailing out invitations.


Mommy/Daddy/Baby BFF…seester Dana, Ryan, & Vann man! Love!! Vann is a doll baby with all that hair.


Our handsome fellas!


Grandaddy! Baby Jase LOVES his G-daddy.


The only pic I got with Grammy (oops!)…Grammy’s jealous boy.


Some Advo BFFs- Cameron, Kristen, Peyton, & Colton! Jase loves their boys and I hope he is as well-mannered as them when he grows up.


Daddy made it to the party! Hah…


Mommy too!


Aunt Stephanie, Gracie, & Chloe came! We always have Gracie get Jase to smile for pictures because she can make him laugh. Funny girls!


Grandma & Grandpa wouldn’t miss it! He kept calling Grandpa “Pop.” (We missed Aunt Jade- she couldn’t get off work.)


Buddy Braylon came with Mommy/Daddy/Baby BFF…He loves to rub Jase’s hair. Maybe he’s just excited for him that he finally has some?



Ragan, Presley, Carsyn (& Madison & Kohlton) partied it up! Jase was trying to escape. Ha!


The kids were so much fun & had a blast playing together in the yard.


And after everyone went home, Jimmy let Jase pretend to drive. He loved pushing all the buttons.


“See you guys later…”


“Look everybody…no hands!”


“Just kidding. 10 & 2.”


Blowing kisses…


“Mom…I’m ONE now!”


Thank you again to everyone who helped us celebrate. What a FUN day!

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