Saturday, May 24, 2014

Jase’s Nautical 1st Birthday Party

Our sweet Jase turned one on May 8th! We scheduled his party for May 17th because we were out of town for the weekend of his actual birthday.

Before his birthday, I started having anxiety about his party. What would be the best time to have it so he would be well-rested? Who should we invite? What kind of budget should we have? I finally realized I was making way too big of a deal about it and decided to soak it up and enjoy the planning. He only turns ONE once, and surviving & thriving our first year is a big deal, right?  My mom is the party planning QUEEN, but she has been super busy with other family stuff, so I knew I was going to have to do a good bit of this myself. Time to put my party planning pants on!

I started by booking a last minute session with Brittany at Nine Sixteen. She is fantastic and always so sweet with Jase! She got this precious picture back to me ASAP so I could print the invitations, and my sister sent them out for me while I was in New Orleans (thanks Tammie!!). I mostly sent out the invites to our family, our closest friends, and the people we know who love Jase the most.

I decided on a nautical theme because I just think it’s so classic & timeless, and I love Hebrews 16:9 as the Scripture-base. I picked out two invitations I liked and ended up going with the first of these two. Love how they turned out!!



I did not want to spend a lot on decorations, but I decided to do Jase’s “big boy” room in the nautical theme when it’s time, so I felt more justified because they’ll be used again and for a long time. The navy, light blue, and pop of red will look awesome with his grey walls & white bead board.  I found some super cute stuff at Kirkland’s, Home Goods (my fave), and Hobby Lobby on sale (if it’s not on sale at Hobby Lobby…don’t buy it and go back a few days later…it will be). Everything turned out ADORABLE!!



I ended up giving mom money & a list to get the food together for me. She enjoys doing that so I just let her go to town. There was a spread and it was DELISH!! Her chicken salad was the biggest hit.


Loved the way his banners turned out! I haven’t crafted or tapped into my creative side much lately, so it was time. A pic for each month…



The cake was from Publix & was super yummy. It was the same girl who made the cakes for my wedding showers, which I think is kinda cool. She spelled Jase’s name wrong at first, but Tammie & Ragan had her fix it Whew! Good lookin out, sisters.


Everyone ate and played and chatted for a little while before cake and presents.


I got bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and a frisbee for less than $5 to keep the big kids entertained outside. They had fun with it, but I think they had more fun playing in the yard and rolling down the hill. I love how simple kids are to please. It rained some in the morning, but cleared up and was beautiful all afternoon- just in time for the party. Thank you, Lord!

IMG_1449IMG_1451 - CopyIMG_1454

Here is the video of us singing “Happy Birthday”….he didn’t seem to know what to think about it.


Everyone got Jase the PERFECT presents! Balls, books (Mama is thankful for some new material too!), blocks, puzzles, some cute outfits, a swimming pool, cars, and money for his savings account. He is LOVING the new toys. Thank you all so much…. couldn’t have asked for more perfect gifts!


The boys were SO funny together! They were all talking up a storm back and forth! I cannot wait for all of our little fellas to grow up together! I pray every day that Jase will desire and be surrounded by godly friends, and I know these ladies are training their boys up right. Thankful for friends with the same values for sure!


Little cuties! Braylon & Vann both look JUST like their mommies to me. Love my sweet BFFs & their babies.


Somebody was just a littttttle jealous! Not naming any names. ::cough::Jase::cough


Cutie patootie Pres Pres is only 6 months and weighs as much as Jase. Baby got back.

We also sang “Happy Birthday” to my nephew Tyler who turned the big 2-0!! Happy birthday, bud. No longer a “teenager”…welcome to manhood.


4:00 ended up being the perfect time because Jase got in two great naps before everyone started arriving. He still could care less about his cake, but I let him have a cookie

So thankful for everyone who came to help us celebrate!! It really was such a GREAT day & we had a blast. It was super laid back, flowed smoothly, & everyone was in a great mood. Jase LOVED having so many people at the house. He started smiling & waving as everyone hiked it up the driveway & I don’t think he stopped till bedtime. Lil booger was worn out and crashed hard. I know it seems like I overuse the word thankful, but I know we are so very blessed to be surrounded with such great friends and family who love our little guy so much.

Happy 1st Birthday Party Day, Jase!! You are the light of our lives and we loved celebrating Y-O-U!!


Dena @ LikeLoveLearn said...

Looks like you all had such a good time! I love the nautical theme and re-purposing the decorations to use in his room later. Great idea! ~Dena @likelovelearn

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness I love it!!! I think we might have to do a nautical theme for Noah too, since that is what his room and wardrobe is haha! Love every part of it!!

Mrs B said...

I went to read the verse but was stumped when I saw that Hebrews only had 13 chapters! Do you mean Hebrews 6:19? Anyway what a cute theme. congrats on being mum to a one year old :)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Where did you get the flags from they are so cute!!!

Ana said...

where did you get the invitations from?