Sunday, May 18, 2014

Jase is 11 Months!!

You turned 11 Months on April 8th!


Weight/Height: You’re weighing right around 22 lbs and are over 30” tall. You are more handsome than ever! These are my favorite pictures of you yet, sweet boy.


You are just pretty. Love your features. You look just like your Daddy to me now! Everyone always comments on your pretty blue eyes and those sweet, kissable lips.


Health: The doctor thought you might have Roseola because you developed a rash on April 8. I first noticed it when we went to speak at Brenau FCA. It was warm that day and Laura thought it might just be heat from the car, and I figured she was probably right. The rash kept getting worse though so we took you back to the doctor (again- this was the third time). It turned out  to be an allergic reaction to the Amoxicillan (from your runny nose, cough & fever). Even though you had classic symptoms of Roseola, we determined it was a reaction because the rash went away within 24 hours of stopping the meds. We started a new antibiotic on April 10 because you had the beginnings of an ear infection. I am not big on antibiotics and tried to get out of it, but the doctor really wanted us to give it to you because you’re less than a year old and it’s an infection so close to the brain. You took it like a champ but kept the cough for a while. If you have any ear infections in the future, I’ll probably try to let them run their course without medicine if at all possible.


Nursing/Eating: You are still nursing four times a day (8:30, 12:30, 4:30, & 8:30) but the two afternoon feedings are only about 5 min each. You are eating a LOT of solids! Your daddy & I always talk about how much you eat and we’re super thankful Emily introduced us to Baby Led Weaning. You’re an awesome eater! Honestly my favorite part about it is that it’s EASY. Not at first, but once you got the hang of it you just eat everything we eat so I don’t have to make anything special and you feed yourself. You HATE for us to wipe your face & you throw your food on the floor when you’re done. You’re over broccoli right now, but you are all about some beans.

What You’re Up to:  You took your first step on April 12!! You walked from the table to the back door- about 4-5 steps- two different times! Once you realized what was happening, you purposefully plopped back to the ground. You are very cautious when it comes to walking & going down the stairs. You are a wild man on the bed and going up the stairs though.

You have started saying “Owwwwww!”…  (“Owwwww!”)

You took your first shower with me on April 20th. You liked playing but didn’t like water splashing in your face so we’ll stick with baths for a while.

You love going up the stairs! First place you go to when you’re down.


Melissa & Ryan were nice enough to let you crash their house for dinner & a bath one evening. I know they took GREAT care of you and you just fit right in. They were having taco night- your fave! We love the McIver’s and their precious Hollis. We know you had a blast with them!


You are talking up a storm!! You talk and babble all the time. You’re such a people person too & love to talk to everyone. You never meet a stranger! You’ve also started doing some new fake laugh. You love to clap your hands and wave at everyone. (Funny Baby Laughs) (Fake Laugh)

You celebrated your first Easter this month.


You also love to throw things in the toilet. So far a sock, a highlighter, and one of our electronic toothbrush heads. (Dude, do you know how expensive those are? I have to start closing the door!)

You go to church every Wednesday & attend Ladies’ Bible Study with me. One night when dad got out of his class late, we hung out on the playground and Gracie and Chloe pushed you in the swings. Aunt Stephanie even let you go down the slide, but you were pretty freaked out about it. You are definitely cautious.


You are the LIGHT of your Mama & Daddy’s life!! Your dad absolutely lights up when he’s around you. It’s precious to watch. And judging from my overly enormous cheesy smile in every picture I’m with you, I can tell I’m the same way. (I know I feel it, I can even see it in pictures.)


Some things get better with age, Baby Jase. You are your daddy both fall into that category.

Every new phase with you becomes our new fave. And well, your daddy is one handsome hunk of a man!! 30 looks goooooood on him!


You love going on walks. We jam out to praise music on Pandora and you snack on Puffs while we enjoy the gorgeous weather. Family walks are my FAVE!


You LOOOOVE your Daddy!! (“Dada”)

You’ve also started throwing little mini fits every now and then. Not too often and not too bad, but you do not like to have your diaper changed, to have your face wiped, or to get buckled in your car seat. You like being a FREE man! Ha! (Throwing a Fit)

You also LOOOOOVE music! You love to sing & dance. And you’ve got some pretttty sweeeeet moves. (Getting’ Down)

Thoughts: We cannot believe you’re turning ONE soon! These past 11 months have been such a joy, sweet Jase. I am SO thankful the Lord blessed me with the opportunity to be your mom. You already have a gift of brightening the lives of those around you. Your little personality is so much fun. James 1:17 has always been one of my favorite verses, but you give it a whole new meaning. “Every GOOD and PERFECT gift is from above.” Thank you, Lord for Baby Jase!

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