Sunday, June 8, 2014

Getting Organized = More Productivity

I like to read more than one book at a time, and right now I recently finished up Praying for Boys and Women Living Well. Highly recommend them both!

I felt crazy convicted while reading Women Living Well about the way I have been taking care of our home.  Jonathan does a LOT to help out around our house (I am so thankful that he is naturally helpful and enjoys helping with certain chores), but honestly, I had become kinda lazy with meal planning and cleaning.  Don’t get me wrong- our house is not dirty, but there is more clutter than I would like. I also slacked on taking the time to plan meals and meal prep, which translated into eating out more (not as healthy & more expensive). I was not being resourceful and was wasting a lot of time throughout my day on social media. (Yikes! Gotta beware of that trap.) I know that for me, the key to productivity is organization. I’ve always been a “list-maker” and find value in taking the time to organize and plan for the upcoming week.  The house being kinda messy really bothered me (and Jonathan) too. It makes me less productive, feel overwhelmed, and even irritable. It’s crazy how quickly time passes during the day, and that means I have to have a plan to get things accomplished. Not only do I ENJOY cleaning and taking care of our house and providing clean, healthy meals for our family, I thrive in a neat and organized environment. I am not militant about it by any means, but I know that Jon and I both prefer everything to be clean and in its place when not being used in our own home. Chaos, disorganization,  and clutter leads to stress for both of us, and then we are not as effective in other areas of our life. He definitely pitches in and pulls more than his fair share of weight, but I got a little lazy with it a few weeks ago. Women Living Well encouraged me to get organized and back on track, so I wanted to share the plan of action I implemented that has really been helping.

I know there is a whole new ‘movement’ among moms about having dirty floors and happy kids. Well, that just doesn’t fly in the Butler house! (Honestly, don’t we ALL feel better in a clean house?) I get the concept and am all about being in the moment and spending lots of quality time with my family. In fact, if you’re one of my close friends or fam, you might have notices I am not answering texts or calls as readily because I don’t keep my phone near me as often during Jase’s awake time. I can assure you I do not neglect him to clean all day long! Some of my favorite time is preparing meals in the kitchen with him at my feet playing in his drawer. We sing songs & dance & play peek-a-boo. And I clean as I go.

I’m absolutely not judging anyone else’s choice for how they want to manage their home, but I feel as if it is part of my ministry as a wife and mother to have a well-organized home. It is very fulfilling to me personally, and because I know Jonathan genuinely appreciates it as well, it’s rewarding to me in many ways. Lori at Always Learning is one of the few blogs I still read regularly since I’ve made an attempt to use my time more wisely. She speaks such truth and wisdom and her posts add value to my life and challenge my thinking. It just so happened she has a great post about this exact topic today- check it out here!

This is a super simple & very general way to organize my week. If we don’t stick to it perfectly, no big deal…but it has definitely helped to at least have an idea of what each day looks like. Jonathan has his own schedule he goes by and helps me with the chores he enjoys (he likes doing laundry and cleaning floors. I know….husband jackpot!) This helps me stay on top of everything so I don’t get overwhelmed. I typically clean during one of Jase’s naps or during his play time in his pack-n-play (about 30-45 min). He still takes two 2-hour naps a day too, so I can typically knock it out in one nap and have the whole evening to spend with Jon. (Jase is in bed by 8-8:30 every night.)


  • S- church, rest, & family time
  • M- bathrooms (I’ve got it down to a science and can SCRUB all 4 bathrooms in around an hour- that includes the tub, shower, mirrors, toilets, basebaords, floor, etc. Spark helps!)
  • T- laundry
  • W- one area to reorganize/declutter
  • Th- dust, windows/mirrors
  • F- floors (vaccuum, sweep, hardwoods) grocery shopping/pick up produce
  • S- laundry, clean cars, yard, every other Sat wash & change sheets

*daily: make beds first thing in the morning, pick up around the house, put things back in their place, wipe down counters and table in the kitchen, empty trash as needed, dishes


  • S- eggs & waffles after church, soup and some type of sandwich/wrap for dinner
  • M- Mexican (healthy burritos with Ezekial tortillas, ground turkey or bison, homemade taco seasoning,etc.) or Quinoa ‘Fried Rice’
  • T- Grilled Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, & diff types of Veggies
  • W- leftovers or spaghetti squash (I teach Bible study on Wed nights so have to prepare ahead of time because we eat when we get home)
  • Th- Breakfast for Dinner
  • F- Grilled Fish, Brown Rice, & salad/veggies
  • S- New Recipe/grill out

With Jase’s schedule, we have a pretty set daily routine. We still do spontaneous stuff, but babies/children thrive off having a routine and knowing what to expect. I know it’ll get a little tougher as we continue to add to our family, but I’m trusting the Lord to give me wisdom for when that time comes. Honestly, it is also better for your body, even as an adult, to eat and sleep (generally) at the same time’s each day when possible. Starting this new routine has really helped out, and Jonathan has commented and complimented multiple times. There is something very cozy and comforting about a clean, fresh house and I definitely want to set that example for Jase. Jonathan is hard core about taking good care of everything he owns (way more than even me) and I know it’s important to him for me to help him teach that to our children.

I’m sure there are TONS of other resources on Pinterest and blogs of mamas and wives who are WAY more organized than me. In fact, I know there are whole blogs dedicated to this very topic. And you’re probably better off checking with the experts if you’re super serious about it. I’m definitely not supermom and sure don’t claim to have it all figured out, but this is what has worked for us and has been helpful in getting me back on track so I can fulfill the role I love so very much.


Always Learning said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my blog, Danielle. I get criticized for teaching young women to clean their homes! {I also get criticized for teaching women to submit to and obey their husbands, be keepers at home, be chaste and modest, politically incorrect.} However, God's Word commands that I teach young women all these things. Included in being a "keeper at home" is keeping a home clean and tidy. Women may not be able to live up to these commands perfectly but they at least need to strive to do them to the best of their ability given their circumstances, but being taught God's ideal for them. No, I never have the intention of criticizing women but motivating them to live in accordance to God's ways because His ways are FAR superior to man's ways.

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

I may have to just try your 'scientific method' because it is all too easy to get off track---I don't know where to begin! :/ I love the idea of simplifying meals like that…great job! I get the whole happy kid/dirty floor, but I too think that's gross. I am reading this Joys in Simple Abundance book and it talks about really taking care of our home and the importance in taking pride--it's something that most have gone away from and I feel good about trying to get back to that. Great tips mama B!

#mommylife said...

same here! I need to try out your cleaning routine! i usually sweep/mop every other day, dishes laundry everyday and then by the time i'm done other places get neglected.. and yum i'll have to try the quinoa fried rice recipe!

Angela said...

I realize you're trying not to be judgmental, but this whole post is coming off that way. "We all feel better in a clean house." "It's a wife's ministry to cook and clean." Not only that, but how hypocritical: "I manage my time wisely and don't waste it by reading blogs. But I want you to keep reading mine!"

Anonymous said...

This is so helpful. Thank you! I hope you keep blogging. You are so inspirational.

Heather from TN said...

I agree that I feel better in a clean, organized home. I feel less anxiety in a clean home and less guilty if I do sit down to read, watch TV, play candy crush (my bread of idleness), get on social media, etc. You inspire me to be a better wife and I am grateful for your blog so keep it up!!!!